PHOTO: Jason Aldean Has to ‘Get Creative’ for Deer Stand Setup on Recent Hunting Trip

by Matthew Wilson

Jason Aldean is trading in his guitar for a bow. The country singer is on the prowl for his next trophy buck. And he had to get a little creative to do it.

Aldean’s deer stand setup is probably not what you would expect from a millionaire country star. But sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. And Aldean knows how to poke a little fun at himself and his unconventional setup. On Twitter, he shared a photo of himself with a bow in his hands.

“Not your typical deer stand setup, but sometimes u gotta get creative when chasing a stud. Lots of fun and laughs as usual with my @Buck_Commander boys this week.”

Jason Aldean Loves to Hunt

The country singer tagged his buddies over at Buck Commander. Several of his fellow country singers are part of the deer hunting crew including Luke Bryan. He credits them with reuniting his passion for the outdoors.

“With that crew, I rediscovered how fun it was … being in deer camp, filming everything and just hanging out with a bunch of your buddies,” Aldean told Petersen’s Hunting. “I’d never really done it like that before. It sparked a whole new interest for me.”

But where did Aldean first find his love for hunting and fishing? It was a tradition passed down to his father. And it’s something that Aldean is also passing down to his kids as well.

“I am an outdoorsman, I like to hunt and fish and anything outdoors like that,” Aldean told iHeart Radio. “I got into hunting and fishing and that kind of stuff through my dad and my granddad. Probably like anything else wanting to go hang out with them when they were going to go do those sorts of things. I just sort of found a passion for it myself and fell in love with it. It’s something I do now with my daughters. Hopefully with my son when he gets a little older.”