PHOTO: Luke Bryan Drops New Pics With Fishing Icon Bill Dance From Music Video Shoot

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Verizon)

There are country music stars, and then there is Luke Bryan. His debut album in 2007 took the world by storm and garnered him a massive following. From there it wasn’t easy, but he solidified himself as one of the genre’s top artists.

On April 8, he came out with a new song called “Bill Dance.” The song has since become almost every bass fisherman’s theme music. The song is about the legendary fisherman for which it gets its name. More importantly, the lyrics detail how badly he wanted to make a living as a fisherman.

Bill Dance is a world-renowned fisherman. He is the host of Bill Dance Outdoors, a TV show where he goes out fishing. There are over 900 episodes of the show. Not only did he have his own show, but he also was an integral part of two other television shows.

So, it makes sense that the fisherman is Luke Bryan’s idol. Moreover, on May 28, he took to social media to share a series of photos. The photos showed a bountiful bass catch. The photos also showed the country superstar fishing with Bill Dance.

It certainly looks, from an outsider’s perspective, that the crew had a wonderful time on the fishing trip. Not only was everyone catching lots of fish, but everyone looks incredibly happy.

“Awesome 2 days with this crew,” the country musician said. “I had the best time filming the Bill Dance video and fishing with this group. Amazing.”

As Luke Bryan said, the crew that he took out on the water, which included Dance, had a great time. They also were collecting footage to use for the song’s music video.

Luke Bryan Absolutely Loves to Go Fishing for Bass

On March 8, the country star took to Instagram again. He is certainly a fan of bass fishing, to say the least. The video he posted showed his fishing skill and maybe a little bit of luck as well.

Luke Bryan said that he was catching bass on almost every cast. He said that in only a short few minutes, he had already filled up his cooler. That alone is impressive.

“These are the one-pounders. My lake is highly overpopulated with one-pounders,” the country singer said. “This one particular bait I’ve been fishing with all morning has landed quite a few fish.”

On this trip, he went out on the lake with his friend Jay and his dog, Boss. In the video, he and his friend were joking about who caught the most fish. Jay, apparently, is a catch-and-release fisherman, which is honorable. But the country star was making fun of him for it, nonetheless.

“Jay is from Colorado, and when you’re from Colorado, you don’t like to keep fish. Jay would rather—unbelievable,” Luke Bryan said in the video.

He also joked about how he was going to sell the fish he caught for 50 cents each on Amazon to his fans. The country singer also poked fun of his fans. He called them out for the drop in viewers when he was bragging about catching fish.

Regardless, it looked like Luke Bryan had a wonderful time on the lake catching bass.