PHOTO: Luke Bryan’s Sons Thomas and Tatum Look Full-On Debonair in Tuxedos

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/ACMA2017/Getty Images for ACM)

Luke Bryan and “co” spent the weekend celebrating love, family, and really good food. It sounds like the ideal Labor Day weekend if you ask us. His oldest niece, Jordan Cheshire, got married to Clint Eudy in Nashville and Bryan’s family showed up in style.

In an Instagram Story that has since expired, Bryan’s wife and mother of his children Caroline showed off their little “nuggets.” This is the endearing term she used to describe her dapper boys, Thomas and Tatum. The two were dressed to the nines donning matching tuxedos. The younger of the two brothers took a minute to enjoy a quick snack and couldn’t talk with his mouth full. Caroline then told the siblings: “Smile. Don’t fight. Cheers!”

If you missed the Instagram Story, there’s no need to fret. Taste of Country captured it all. Caroline also shared a snap of one of her “nuggets” in full dance mode during his fitting. She joked about his uncanny resemblance to father Luke Bryan in the caption: “Luke Part II Just like his Dad. Good Lord please help me!! @lukebryan #eudyone.”

Other commenters hopped on the train, too.

LeClaire Bryan chimed in with “This boy is ate up with Luke Bryan genes.”

Michael Monaco added: “Geez he is growing up so fast!!!”

A Night to Remember

Luke Bryan took to Instagram to describe the events as “Wow. Literally an amazing weekend.”

Caroline was largely involved with the pre-planning process for the event and decorations. The family also utilized Emilia Clarke Events as their official designer. The result? A fairytale wedding. All the snaps from the event are archived under the clever #EudyOne hashtag.

Design really centered around florals. One massive tunnel involved weeks of preparations and ended up requiring over 10,000 stems of baby’s breath between the ceremony and reception. It’s actually unbelievable just how much they were able to transform the event space. Before, it was pretty but simplistic and pretty bare bones. After? It turned into a dreamy wonderland adorned with twinkling lights, glowing candles, and lots of sheer drapes.

You can check out the space transformation on Emily Clarke’s personal ‘Gram here:

Luke Bryan Walks Down the Aisle

This celebration meant a lot more to the family than some may realize. They have really had to stick together through some tragic adversity over the years. Jordan lost her mom to unknown causes back in 2007, and then her father to a heart attack later in 2014. While Jordan lost a mom and dad, it also meant that Luke Bryan lost a sister and brother-in-law.

To honor them, they left two empty chairs at the front of the ceremony symbolizing their presence. In a really special turn of events, Luke Bryan also filled in for his brother-in-law who couldn’t walk his little girl down the aisle.