PHOTO: Toby Keith Shows Off Impressive Catch From Latest Fishing Trip

by Jon D. B.

“I’ll probably be out fishin’,” quotes Toby Keith of his Drinks After Work track as – you guessed it – he’s out fishin’! The country icon has himself a nice-sized crappie on the line as he poses for a photo on beautiful Grand Lake Oklahoma.

Outsider’s said it before and we’ll say it again, fishing and country music might as well be one and the same – and that’s a beautiful thing. Toby Keith is living proof with his latest Instagram post, too. Within, the icon poses with his crappie catch (see what we did there?) while sporting a Grand Lake Pontoon t-shirt of the most vibrant shade of teal.

“I’ll probably be out fishin’…” Keith captions the photo. Toby fans know this as the title to one of his 2013 Drinks After Work tracks. The laid-back, luckless, Jimmy Buffet-esque fishin’ tune came to be via frequent collaborator Scotty Emerick.

As for that crappie, it looks to be a pretty decent-sized catch! Keep in mind that Toby Keith himself is a big ol’ grizzly of a man (6″3), so sizing his catch against the average joe would be a whole different ballgame. Check out the country icon’s latest photo below for yourself, courtesy of his official Instagram:

Toby Keith on ‘I’ll Probably Be Out Fishin’

Of the song itself, quotes Keith as crediting collaborator Scotty Emerick with the idea for the tune:

“Scotty came in with the idea… ‘I’ll probably be out fishin’ when my ship comes in,’ and so we just started,” says Keith. “Rivers (Rutherford) and Bobby (Pinson) always lean more toward some kind of heavy groove. Unless it’s a heavy ballad, it’s always groove with those guys. Scotty is the one writer of the bunch who’s more settled down, more towards Don Williams.”

To this end, Keith says that when Emerick “gets a little groove going, you know it’s something. I sang the hook a few times, we got the key and we started figuring it out.”

“We decided this ole boy’s beat down pretty good, but I still want him to smile a little bit,” he continues of the song’s luckless character. “So there’s a little bit of wit there for as bad as it is. The line that ties it together is ‘good luck’s bound to find me if it comes around again … but I’ll probably be out fishin’ when my ship comes in,” Keith cites of the song.

In the end, Toby Keith says this “ole boy” is one who “can’t ever get a break,” but his wit makes it a song worth fishin’ to. Give the track a spin for yourself below, and start planning that next fishing trip: