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PHOTO: Willie Nelson’s Son Reveals Look at His Father’s ‘Stash’ From Reserve

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

In this life, there are a few universal truths. They are the things that you can always bank on. Fire is hot. Sweet tea is the superior drink. Willie Nelson smokes more weed than anyone you’ve ever met. That’s just the way things are.

Many people don’t even know about Willie’s legendary musical career. Hell, they could probably care less that he penned both “Hello Walls,” and “Crazy.” Most folks don’t know that Willie Nelson is a major reason for the current Texas country music scene. However, they know that he is one of the world’s most prolific potheads. The Red Headed Stranger has never been secretive about his passion for the Devil’s lettuce. He even has his own cannabis company called Willie’s Reserve.

You can bet your bottom dollar that Willie Nelson celebrated yesterday’s “high holiday” in a big way. In fact, he and several other advocates are working to get 4/20 recognized as a national day of celebration. If you want to see how Willie and his camp roll, look no further than Lukas Nelson’s Instagram post from yesterday.

In the photo, Lukas is holding a massive bag of wacky tobaccy. He’s holding enough to roll a few cartons of Willie Nelson-approved left-handed cigarettes. In the caption, he says “Can’t spend 420 without a little (a lot) of Willie’s Reserve.”

Willie Nelson’s Love of Cannabis

Everybody knows that Willie Nelson loves his reefer. There’s a better-than-even chance that he has been pleasantly baked in just about every interview or public appearance he’s ever done. In fact, you could say that it has all been going to pot for Willie for a long time.

However, once states around the union started to legalize marijuana, Willie Nelson decided to throw his bandana in the ring. In 2015, he formed his own brand to produce and sell cannabis. Since then, Willie’s Reserve has been selling high-grade recreational marijuana in every state where it’s legal.

Before rolling out the company, Willie Nelson sat down with Great Big Story to talk about his brand. During that brief chat, Willie said that he thinks it’s hilarious that he is so well-known for his cannabis consumption. He went on to say about launching his brand, “I’ve spent enough time in jail and I feel like I’ve bought enough of it. So, I feel like I can be able to sell some back.”

Make no mistake, though, Willie Nelson isn’t smoking or advocating for marijuana because he thinks it’s cool. He says that the herb has helped him over the years. About advocacy for and production of pot, he says that he just feels like it is the right thing to do. He believes strongly in the benefits of cannabis usage. On that, he said, “I’m sort of like the canary in the mine. I’ve been here for a while. Whatever it’s done for me, positive or negative, here it is. I think I’m doing alright. I think the water’s fine. Y’all come on in.”