PHOTOS: LeAnn Rimes and Husband Eddie Cibrian Soak up the Sun on Cabo Vacation

by Emily Morgan

LeAnn Rimes is continuing her sunshine streak on Instagram. On Sunday, the singer posted a series of pics from her tropical vacation with her husband and actor, Eddie Cibrian. 

Although she had to stay completely covered up while competing on “The Masked Singer,” Rimes has been showing off her skin lately. She recently posted another photo of herself wearing a yellow bikini and looked carefree during her Cabo vacation. 

In the post she included the hashtag “UNmaskedsinger.” The radiant “Chant” singer was photographed relaxing in a pool.

In the comments section, one of her followers made an interesting observation: “Did her psoriasis up and disappear? I’m always seeing pictures of her with a lot of skin showing. I didn’t know psoriasis could do that,” the user wrote. Rimes herself replied back, “Yes, because of medicine.” 

Leann Rimes on Her Psoriasis Condition

Since she was a young girl, Rimes has struggled with psoriasis, a condition that causes red scaly rashes to appear on the skin. In a 2020 interviewLeAnn revealed how she treated her psoriasis, including “being wrapped in coal tar with Saran Wrap.” 

Fianlly, she discovered medication that helped her keep her psoriasis from flaring up as frequently. Moreover, as she spoke openly about her condition, she’d get compliments on how great her skin looked. However, she added that she only received compliments when her skin was clear.

During the pandemic, Rimes once again found herself in the midst of a psoriasis flare-up. Instead of hiding her condition, she decided to show her fans what her skin looks like by releasing pics from a nude photoshoot. 

However, she later confessed that she still didn’t feel comfortable enough to wear shorts to the grocery store during a flare-up. According to her recent Instagram snaps, she’s clearly found treatments that worked wonders for her. While her condition may make Rimes worry, according to her husband, he barely even notices. 

“Before this shoot, my husband would look at me like, ‘I don’t even see that,’ which I obviously didn’t understand. I’d think, How can’t you see it?! It’s all over me!” LeAnn wrote. “I think I see what he sees now.”

However, Cibrian says he is “incredibly proud” of his wife for posing naked and showing the world her psoriasis. “I think it helps them out when she comes out to talk about it so openly, I think it helps them out as well,” Eddie Cibrian said in an interview, adding that the country star felt free by finally opening up about her condition.