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Photos: Luke Bryan Reveals Look at Hilarious Throwback Halloween Costumes

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline go extreme for Halloween. The country singer shared some of their hilarious couple costumes from holidays previous.

Previously, the couple took the animal kingdom by storm, dressing as matching ostriches and T-Rex. One year, Bryan was even dead-ringer for Ralphie from A Christmas Story. He wore the bunny costume from that movie with glasses to match.

He wrote, “Any guesses on what Caroline is going to get me into this year?”

Halloween Has Become a Tradition For Luke Bryan And His Wife

The country singer shared with media outlets that his wife picks the Halloween costumes every year. He joked that he was forced to wear the outlandish costumes for her happiness.

“Caroline picks the outfit every year and I have no choice,” Bryan told Taste of Country last year. That year, he and his wife wore the matching ostrich costumes. “I heard that it’s feathery this year.” 

Most years, Bryan said he and his wife take the kids trick-r-treating around their Nashville neighborhood. It is unknown whether the family will keep the same schedule this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have a perfect neighborhood for it,” Bryan previously shared. “We do a picnic a couple of hours before dark all of the parents get around and the kids can tear the neighborhood down, it’s pretty special.”

For her part, Caroline seems to enjoy tormenting her husband around Halloween. The singer shared an encounter where his wife made him choke on his toothpaste after scaring him with a Halloween decoration.

“So my wife bought those things where the witch taps on the glass. I get home off the road, it’s like 12:15 at night and I’m brushing my teeth and I hear something go [taps],” he told Taste of Country. “This witch — you stick it to the outside of your glass — and I look up and there is a witch tapping. That’s what my wife does to me during Halloween.”

On Instagram last year, Caroline expressed glee in forcing her husband to wear ridiculous costumes. But she believes Bryan also enjoys the experience.

She wrote, “5 more days until I get to torture Luke with another ridiculous costume…he secretly loves it.”