PHOTOS: Reba McEntire Rents Out Theater for ‘First Movie Date’ with New Boyfriend Rex Linn

by Kayla Zadel

Reba McEntire is just like us. Sometimes we see her shopping at Kroger and other times she’s renting out movie theaters for a first date.

According to Reba’s Instagram post, this is her first movie date with her boyfriend Rex Linn. She rented out the theatre to screen Tom Hanks’ new movie “News of the World.”

“AMC offers private screenings…. we took them up on it. First movie date!❤️,” Reba writes in the caption.

The first photo shows Reba standing with soda cup and bag in hand after hitting up the concession stand for snacks. Then Linn joins her in the second photo and she continues to show off the goods. The couple are both wearing face masks.

Additionally, Linn plays photographer like a good boyfriend and snaps several pics of Reba sitting in the theatre, alone. The two can spread out in the room since they have it to themselves. One photo even shows that the snacks from the concession stand have their own seats.

Furthermore, the new couple looks happy to be out on their first movie date, since going to the movies hasn’t been an option due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Reba and Rex: A Couple in Love

According to Reba herself, the “Fancy” singer says that she’s in love with the “CSI: Miami” star. Last year Reba shared a photo saying that she was in the studio writing new music. She also added in the caption that she’s in love.

“[Being in love] really inspires me to find love songs, to find happy songs. I’ve always been the queen of waltzes, the queen of sad songs because I just gravitate to those kinds of songs,” McEntire said.

Moreover, McEntire first revealed that she’s dating Linn in November 2020. The country icon confessed on her podcast that spending time with her “Sugar Tot” during the coronavirus pandemic has brought them closer.

The couple has spent time in Montana, farming on Reba’s ranch, plus she even took Linn to the CMA Awards.