PHOTOS: Thomas Rhett Accepts Kirk Herbstreit’s Paper Football ‘Challenge’ in Latest Video

by Jennifer Shea

Country musician Thomas Rhett has partnered with Allstate to raise money for college scholarships.

And now he’s sharing that partnership with his Instagram followers.

Rhett Posts Challenge

“Thanks @kirkherbstreit for challenging me in the @Allstate #GoodHandsChallenge,” Rhett posted Sunday. “I was a champion at this in high school, and now I get to use those finely-tuned skills to give back! And you can too! Just film yourself flicking your own paper football through some uprights and challenging one of your friends, then share your video using #GoodHandsChallenge. For every flick, @Allstate will donate $10 towards college scholarships. So start challenging your friends now! I challenge @DierksBentley. You’re up, buddy! Let’s see what you got!”

Rhett held up his own paper triangle.

“All right, y’all,” he said. “This is the Good Hands Challenge. Got some paper footballs. Got a goalpost. Let’s see if I can knock this thing out. First try.”

Rhett flicked the football at the little yellow uprights. It hit right in the middle. Rhett raised his arms, victorious, and walked away.

Bentley’s Up Next

The Allstate Foundation offers youth empowerment programs, domestic violence prevention efforts, nonprofit leadership development programs and support for volunteerism.

That hashtag has drawn posts from families and individuals all over the country.  

Rhett’s buddy Dierks Bentley has yet to respond to the challenge. He may be a bit busy up in the Colorado mountains escaping the pandemic.

Bentley recently told a media roundtable he’s enjoying his newfound anonymity up in the mountains. In Nashville, he’s a celebrity. But in Colorado, he’s a nobody. He’s now just living on “a regular street, with lots of neighbors, all packed together,” Bentley said. 

“It’s great,” Bentley added, “to have the ability to just go somewhere where you can be whoever you wanna be.”