PHOTOS: Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Family Dress-up for ‘Hamilton’-Themed Christmas

by Suzanne Halliburton

The Tim McGraw and Faith Hill family take dressing up for Christmas to the extreme.

We’re not talking nice clothes and your good shoes. But costumes with wigs. That takes some planning.

On Tuesday, Maggie McGraw, Tim and Faith’s middle daughter, posted the Hamilton-inspired photo on her Instagram. All the kids are back home in Nashville to celebrate the holidays after Tim and Faith spent the past few weeks as empty nesters. But what says Christmas more than partying with King George, Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr and friends?

Maggie McGraw captioned the photo:  “Remember that night, I just might. I remember that night, I just might. “

The Tim McGraw family must be huge Hamilton fans. The words were part of the show-stopping song “Satisfied.” Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creative genius who wrote and starred in Hamilton, said the song might be his best, yet. When Disney Plus streamed the performance filmed from the Broadway stage, Miranda tweeted: “Satisfied. I’ll never top it, as long as I live.” 

Disney Plus considered Hamilton the perfect entertainment for the Fourth of July. Now, it’s holiday fare.

But back to the super creative family McGraw.

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Family Are Sharing Everything Christmas

Earlier this week, Tim McGraw posted photos on social media showing his family dressed in “Game of Thrones” characters. “So we had a “Game of Thrones” themed dinner at home with the kiddos. Merry Christmas.

“Game of Thrones” was the popular series that ran on HBO for eight years. It won 59 Emmys.

The entire family is sharing their Christmas experience via social media. The trees in front of their Nashville home twinkle with white lights. The home’s tree appears to be almost two stories high. McGraw shared photos of him on an extension ladder decorating the top of the tree.

We don’t know what the McGraw family is planning tonight. Maybe they’ll do something simple, like eat pizza or watch TV. Or maybe, they can dress as characters from other massively popular TV shows or movies.

McGraw already detailed the family’s unique tradition for Christmas Eve. He makes spaghetti for the family.

“Our family tradition for years has been pasta,” McGraw said. “Spaghetti and meatballs on Christmas Eve. And that’s sort of my job as dad to prepare the spaghetti and meatballs. That’s a tradition that I’ve had since I was a child; I hope it carries on with them.”

As we countdown to Christmas, let’s hope there are more fabulous McGraw photos.