Pick 6: Jameson Rodgers Talks New EP, Creative Camping, and 6 Favorite Baseball Players

by Jim Casey

Jameson Rodgers sat down with Outsider to chat about his new EP, creative camping, and his six favorite MLB stars from his childhood.

Outsider is turning the tables with our interview series, Pick 6. Instead of asking country stars only about their music, we thought it would be fun to put them on the hot seat with three random topics and let ’em pick their poison.

In the hot seat today: Jameson Rodgers. The 33-year-old Mississippi native topped the Billboard Country Airplay chart in 2020 with his debut single, “Some Girls.” His new single, “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” featuring Luke Combs, is currently Top 40 and climbing.

On April 23, Jameson will drop his new EP, In It for the Money. The seven-song EP includes Jameson’s two aforementioned singles, as well as five new tracks that he co-penned. And where he did co-pen them? In a cabin outside of Nashville during a week-long camp-out. That’s Outsider 101.

“I rent this same cabin every year,” says Jameson to Outsider. “It’s the first week of January, so it’s always the first week back of writing. Everybody’s usually fresh and full of good ideas. And so we go up there and we camp out for about a week and just write songs all day and night. Most of the new songs came from that cabin.”

“I think the EP as a whole, it’s got something for everybody on it,” adds Jameson. “There’s a song about loving a dog [“Good Dogs”]. I’ve got one about paying your dues in Nashville [“In It for the Money”]. There’s one about a broken heart [“When You Think of Mississippi”]. One about how the lows sure make the highs a little better [“Desert”]. It’s kind of all across the board. I think it shows my growth as a songwriter, as an artist, and as a singer.”

Jameson Rodgers’ Picks

Outsider: Alright, Jameson, you ready for your three random topics?

Jameson: Let’s do it.

Outsider: Favorite childhood baseball players? Favorite hunting spots? Favorite foods to grill?

Jameson: Let’s do baseball players. I played a lot of baseball growing up. And I feel like I only have about three dishes that I do on the grill, and I only have like two places that I go to hunt.

Outsider: Get us started.

6. Chipper Jones

Jameson: I’m 33, so my earliest memory of baseball was the Braves in the 1990s. They had the Crime Dog [Fred McGriff], Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, and, of course, Chipper Jones. He was the coolest player in the 1990s, especially for a kid from the South. Pulled my socks up just like Chipper when I played.

5. Ken Griffey Jr.

Jameson: Coolest swing of all time. Enough said.

4. Roger Clemens

Jameson: The Rocket. Arguably the best pitcher in the 1990s. I remember him being so dominant back in the day. What? Like seven Cy Young Awards? What a stud he was back in the day, especially early on with the Red Sox.

3. Randy Johnson

Jameson: Randy Johnson was the most intimidating pitcher of all time. 6’10”, lefty, throwing over 100 with that mullet.

2. Cal Ripken Jr.

Jameson: The Iron Man. More than 2,600 consecutive games? Unbelievable. I mean, it will never, ever, ever, ever be broken.

1. Derek Jeter

Jameson: Jeter is my favorite player of all time. The true definition of playing with class and leadership, you know what I mean? All those years with the Yankees and never once being in trouble for anything or just never a bad word said about him. Being a major market like New York, all the press you have to do, it’s just so tough. And Jeter did it with such class.