Pistol Annies Announce Their First Christmas Album ‘Hell of a Holiday’

by Clayton Edwards

It’s official. The Pistol Annies are releasing a Christmas album! Hell of a Holiday will hit shelves and streaming this October 22nd.

Back in August, the ladies celebrated the ten-year anniversary of their debut record Hell on Heels. During that week-long celebration, they said that something new and exciting was coming later this year. It looks like this was it.

In a way, this chapter of the story starts with Chaz Molder, the mayor of Columbia, Tennessee. Monday evening, Mayor Molder posted a photo of himself alongside the Pistol Annies. In that tweet, he said that the ladies had just finished shooting a music video in Columbia’s Mulehouse theater. This shocked fans of the Annies and made them wonder what could be coming next.

Some fans believed that Lambert, Presley, and Monroe were working on a Christmas album. Last night, Miranda Lambert shared a tracklist for the new record on her Twitter. This morning, the Pistol Annies’ social media accounts made the official announcement. Check out the cover art and tracklist for the upcoming record below.

A Pistol Annies Christmas

Now, I’m usually one to complain about Christmas music before the first of December. However, any excuse to hear new music from the Pistol Annies is good enough for me. Hell, I’d listen to the Annies belt out Christmas songs in July if it meant hearing new material from one of country music’s best group of gals.

Hell of a Holiday looks like it contains mostly original songs. After all, the group is made up of some killer songwriters. Why wouldn’t they crank out an original album?  Additionally, the Pistol Annies added a couple of holiday classics to the mix. The tracklist includes “Sleigh Ride,” and “Auld Lang Syne.”

If you’re excited to hear what the Pistol Annies have in store for this holiday season, you won’t have to wait long. The first single from Hell of a Holiday drops tomorrow. We’ll be able to hear “Snow Globe,” at midnight tonight. That’s when digital preorders for the album go live as well.

However, if you would like to preorder a physical copy, you can do so right now. The Pistol Annies are offering Hell of a Holiday on both CD and vinyl. Check their website and order your copy now.

A Special Gift

Fans of the Pistol Annies already know that Hell of a Holiday is a big deal. It’s their first album in three years. At the same time, it will be their first Christmas album, but that’s not all. It’s also a show of strength and determination from Ashley Monroe.  For a while, many wondered if the Annies would be able to continue making music. Ashley Monroe’s cancer diagnosis looked like it might hamper their ability to record and perform. However, it seems like she’s feeling well enough to step into the studio as well as onto a stage.