Pistol Annies Celebrate Christmas Early with First Single ‘Snow Globe’ From Holiday Album

by Kati Michelle

Rumor has it that sleigh bells can be heard jingling a little earlier this year. Reba just announced her upcoming Lifetime Christmas special. This follows the announcement of Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson’s own festive pursuits. Now, the Pistol Annies want a slice of that fruit cake. The country gals just threw their Santa hats into the ring with the release of their first single “Snow Globe” from their upcoming holiday album. Here’s what you need to know.

‘Snow Globe’ Brings That Holly and Jolly

Pistol Annies officially dropped “Snow Globe” on Friday, October 1st. The tune takes the form of an upbeat love song, and it’s sure to get you in the spirit. “Lone Star Annie” Miranda Lambert opens the song, but “Holler Annie” Angaleena Presley and “Hippie Annie” Ashley Monroe help her take it home. The more the merrier, right?

The song explores what life would be like in a tiny souvenir. Not gonna lie, it sounds pretty good. They make the snow globe life seem like a cozy fairytale. Here’s a quick look at some of the joyous lyrics:

If I could put us in a snow globe / Oh, then maybe we could let it go / Then we could spin around in circles / In a world that’s all our own.

And here’s your look at the single as a whole. Get ready to put it on repeat, and don’t say we didn’t warn you:

Pistol Annies Set to Drop ‘Hell of a Holiday’ October 22nd

“Snow Globe” is just one of 13 tracks on the “Hell of a Holiday” album. Although the official drop is set for October 22nd, the preorder window is open now along with various holiday merch like beanies and ornaments. Frank Liddell and Eric Masse co-produced the album which features originals alongside your favorite covers.

The Pistol Annies gals tried to get together for some fun promo for their Instagram page, but it didn’t exactly go as planned. You can blame “Lone Star Annie” Miranda Lambert for that. The “Holler” and “Hippie” Annies got their timing down, simultaneously spouting: “You’re right, you guessed it!”

When they try to pass the figurative mic off to Miranda for a release date, however, she totally fumbles it. The country star states “October 28th,” which gets an immediate “No” from her bandmate.

The caption pokes fun at the whole incident saying “Noooo October 22nd!!!” and the fans jump in with jokes of their own. One of the most liked comments comes from @sloanbanton who says “Miranda blink twice if u need help.”

You can catch the hilarious fumble on the official Instagram page for Pistol Annies here: