RaeLynn Gives Birth to Daughter, Introduces Her With Heartwarming Pics

by Michael Freeman

RaeLynn has had a lot happen to her since her time on The Voice. One of the most significant is the recent birth of her daughter. Overjoyed at being a new mother, she posted heartwarming pics on her social media channels.

“7 Pounds 7 ounces at 4:07pm September 8th 2021 we became a family of three! These two are my world,” RaeLynn captions the Instagram post. “I am beyond thankful for my husband and all the doctors, nurses and our amazing doula @mollyburg17 for helping us bring miss Daisy into the world 🌼 babies are truly a gift. So thankful for our little blonde miracle ❤️ now back to tired selfies, baby snuggles and changing diapers! Love y’all!”

Sharing news of her pregnancy in May, she also revealed the baby’s sex and the fact she expected her daughter’s arrival in September. Leading up to her birth, RaeLynn divulged other details, such as the baby’s name. Settling on Daisy Rae, she and husband Josh Davis apparently agreed on it “pretty quickly.”

Considering how much RaeLynn wanted to be a mother, it’s no surprise the name didn’t take long. Before Daisy’s birth, she called her daughter-to-be the “best birthday present” she could get. “Every year is special in its own way, but what’s going to make my 27th year so special is that I get to be a momma to a beautiful baby girl … it’s the best birthday present!”

The country music star has an exciting fall ahead of her. In addition to her daughter, she recently announced she’s expanding her Baytown EP into a full-length album. This includes the song, Made for Me to Love, which she wrote about Daisy while pregnant.

Blake SheltonCalls RaeLynn His Favorite Contestant on ‘The Voice’

Being the longest-standing judge on The Voice, Blake Shelton has seen his fair share of contestants. Earlier this year, he told Entertainment Tonight RaeLynn was his personal favorite.

“I guess you could say she’s definitely my personal favorite [from ‘The Voice’]. I just feel a bond with her that is unexplainable. She’s a star is what she is. A great friend and a good kid. And I just want to see the best that could possibly happen for her happen.”

RaeLynn seems to reciprocate the feelings, saying she grew incredibly close to him over her tenure on the show. Calling him a mentor, she stated he was like a “father” or “brother” to her. To this day, she still says Shelton is one of her biggest influences.

Despite being eliminated in the quarterfinals of The Voice, one could easily argue she walked away a winner after gaining Shelton’s praise, a promising career, and a new daughter.