‘Raise ‘Em Up’ by Keith Urban: Story Behind No. 1 Hit with Eric Church

by Katie Maloney

Keith Urban shares how he knew fellow country music star, Eric Church, was “just perfect” for the song.

Urban teamed up with Chruch in 2015 to release “Raise ‘Em Up,” the final single from Urban’s album, Fuse. The song is about all the various meanings the phrase “raise ’em up” can have from toasting with friends to sailing down the coast of Mexico to raising your voice to stand up for what you believe in. The song spent 20 weeks on the Hot Country Songs chart and peaked in the number eight spot.

Keith Urban and Eric Church perform “Raise ‘ Em Up.”

Keith Urban Immediately Knew He Wanted Church For The Song

According to Urban, he and Church are close friends. They frequently keep each other “hip” by suggesting music that the other probably hasn’t yet heard. So, it wasn’t a surprise when Urban decided to collaborate with Church for “Raise ‘ Em Up.”

“I’ve known Eric for a couple of years and I wanted to find something for us to do as well,” says Urban. “This song came and I just knew it needed Eric on it. I sent him the song and he loved it,” says Urban.

Additionally, Urban knew that Church’s style would be a perfect fit for the “deeply American” song. “I felt this song was such a journey and a deeply American aspect to this song too, particularly in the second verse,” says Urban. “… it’s such a cinematic song, and I’ve always considered Eric as a cinematic artist…” continues Urban.

Although the song was not originally written as a duet, Urban says that he’s happy they made changes to get Church in on the song. “[The song] I felt was just perfect for Eric. I was really happy that he came and sang on it,” says Urban.