Randall King Opens Up About Tribute to Late Sister

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Prior to the release of his new album Shot Glass, country music singer and songwriter Randall King opened up about his music, along with the special tribute to his late sister, Leanna

While chatting with Billboard, Randall King spoke about his sister, who died from liver failure in April 2020, and the tribute he has done for her through his music, including his previous album Leanna. “My sister was at every show that she could possibly be at. Any time I was around West Texas, she was there. When I played at Ryman [Auditorium], she was there. My sister was absolutely my biggest supporter. My biggest fan.” 

Randall King also revealed that his sister had made some special tributes to him as well. “She had tattoos of my logos and my music lyrics. My sister was everything. And I sang her home to Jesus with I’ll Fly Away. And any time I play West Texas,  I still look through the bars looking for her.” 

Randall King Shares Details About ‘Shot Glass’ Single 

While continuing his chat with Billboard, Randall King discussed the concept of his new single Shot Glass. “I thought Blake Shelton or Garth [Brooks] might cut it. But we ended up getting it. In the song, you take a shot and you’re hit with a memory. You’re hit with several memories throughout this song. And you step up and go, ‘How did all that fit into a shot glass?’ So, we took the at the concept and amplified it.”

Randall King also declared himself the “bartender” on this album. “Each song is an individual taking a shot at the bar. And then you’re walking it all play out.”

Randall King then opened up about tribute behind Middle of Nowhere Church. “It’s about driving in the country and seeing this beacon of light. A church. If you’ve ever driven through West Texas, you’ve seen these random churches.”

King further explained that the song is a “reflection” of growth. “I was pretty wild in the day. But I believe in the power of true love. My girlfriend has made me a better man. And Middle of Nowhere Church is that redemption song.”

While speaking about the inspirations behind his songs, Randall King reflected on Roger Miller’s King of the Road. “I love Roger Miller’s phrasing. And the random words that he’ll throw in and his rhyme scheme. He will manipulate words into fitting around a scheme. And I think that’s brilliant.”

Randall King also decided to nap a single Roger, Miller Lite, and Me as a tribute. “We threw some of Roger’s titles in there. It’s just a big tip of the hat to one of our heroes. And it’s a beer-drinking song on top of that.”