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Randy Travis Celebrates 35th Anniversary of ‘Storms of Life’ by Rereleasing Album with Two New Tracks

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Mark Junge/Getty Images)

For the past few months, country music fans have had more than one reason to celebrate Fridays. It’s not just the end of the week, it’s also the day when new music drops and there has been plenty of great new country music this year. However, this Friday is truly something special. Randy Travis just released the 35th-anniversary edition of his debut album Storms of Life.

Storms of Life originally hit shelves on June 2, 1986. With that album, Randy Travis introduced himself to the world. He showed that traditional country was still alive and well. Today, Travis’ debut album is triple platinum. So, one could say that he proved that the market for traditional country is alive and well, too.

If you haven’t heard Storms of Life, now is the time. Randy Travis packed the album with one great song after another. That is as true today as it was thirty-five years ago. However, the anniversary edition has been remastered. So, everything sounds a little crisper and cleaner than before.

I don’t feel like we need to dwell on the original ten songs on the album. “Diggin’ Up Bones,” “On the Other Hand,” and “Reasons I Cheat,” are, in my opinion, country music masterpieces. The songwriting, Randy Travis’ vocals, and the instrumentation are top-shelf. Additionally, they’ve all stood the test of time. However, this album comes with three songs that weren’t on Storms of Life. Let’s talk about those.

Randy Travis Blesses the Country Music World with New Music

Randy Travis released one of the never-before-heard songs back in August. “Ain’t No Use,” was a toe-tapping throwback to the good old days of the genre. I talked about it at length when it dropped.

The new deluxe anniversary edition of Storms of Life includes two more tracks from Randy Travis’ vault. “Carryin’ Fire,” and “The Wall.”

“Carryin’ Fire (From the Vault)”

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m a sucker for a good waltz. “Carryin’ Fire,” fits that bill. The guitar strums a waltz and the brushed drums lay down an understated beat behind it. A lonesome fiddle and weeping steel guitar fill the sonic space in turn, completing the classic country formula to perfection. Randy Travis’ vocals sound exactly as good as you’d think. However, backup singers come in on the chorus and add harmonies that will give you chills.

“The Wall (From the Vault)”

If you’re in the market for a top-shelf tear-jerker about good love gone bad, Randy Travis has a few of those. He added another one to the collection with “The Wall.” There’s something about the combination of steel guitar and piano that makes sad songs seem sadder. That combination and the fact that Travis’ voice communicates pain and longing better than just about anyone else makes this song the perfect accompaniment to a lonely, heartbroken evening.

You can stream Storms of Life anywhere right now or head to Randy Travis’ website and get yourself a physical copy.