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Randy Travis Shares Wholesome Reaction to Post Malone Singing ‘Forever and Ever, Amen’

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Outback Concerts)

Most people can’t picture country superstar Randy Travis and Post Malone having much in common, but that didn’t stop Post Malone from singing Travis’s Forever and Ever, Amen.

The country singer used TikTok’s duet feature to record the video. In it, he reacted with a soft smile and sang along to Post Malone and his friends having a grand old time singing his own song.

And the video (reposted above on Instagram) is a hit, with 1 million views and 250,000 likes; it’s clear that Travis’s relevance remains even with the traditionally younger demographic of TikTok users. In a genre-bending twist, the caption implies that Travis enjoys Post Malone’s work as well. “Who knew @postmalone liked my music?!” The caption reads, “Honored! Keep up the good work, Posty.”

The comments on the original TikTok are equally as wholesome. “Who doesn’t love your music, your music is amazing,” one user said.

Another user gushes about how much they love Travis. “Mr. Randy Travis, you are a National Treasure. All of the years Earth has been around, and we are lucky enough to be here at the same time as you!”

The Scooter Brown Band commented, “Love this!” To which Travis replied, “Me too!” With laughing emojis.

Others commented about the fact that Travis called Post Malone “Posty,” which is an affectionate nickname used by the star’s fans and friends. Finally, people explained that Post Malone has been a country music fan for a while. “He’s Texan,” one commenter said, “Of course he likes your music!”

In 2013, Travis suffered a massive stroke that he’s still recovering from. Lots of the comments said it’s nice to see him doing well. The sweet video defies generational boundaries and genre and is a heartwarming thing to see. No matter how old you are or what kind of music you like, the positivity in the video is infectious.

Randy Travis’s Surprisingly Sweet TikTok Account

When you think of the app Tiktok, Randy Travis probably doesn’t come to mind. But the country legend has one and has been making fairly frequent videos on the app. In many videos, you can find Travis “duetting” with fans (a duet is like the video of Travis and Post Malone above, where you can record a video alongside someone else’s).

In one case, he duetted Alexandra Kay, whose reaction to his video about her was overjoyed.


##duet with @randy.travis you have been such an inspiration to me! Thank you for doing this! You are a legend!

♬ original sound – Alexandra Kay

In other videos, Travis can be found using the stitch feature (where you add on to someone else’s video at the end) to promote or sing along with other artists covering his songs.

It seems he started the account back in August of 2020 to promote his song, Fools Love Affair. But it seems like his time on the platform didn’t end with the promotion of Fools Love Affair. He started posting more frequently just last month. Potentially, it’s due to the sweet little community he’s fostered on the app.

In one of his captions, the singer said, “You all are so kind on here! Thanks for the continued Love!”

The joy Randy Travis is spreading, along with his support for small artists, makes his account one of the best feel-good TikTok accounts around.