Randy Travis ‘Thanks God’ for Having Garth Brooks as a Friend

by Taylor Cunningham

Modern country music pioneers Randy Travis and Garth Brooks have formed quite a friendship over the years. They respect and love each other as both artists and people. So when Travis was awarded the 2021 CMT Artists of the Year award, Garth Brooks was the perfect person to present the trophy.

As Brooks took the stage in Nashville on October 13th, he took the opportunity to give an emotional tribute to Travis’s career. And he praised the six-time Grammy winner for his influence on the industry.

“I stand here tonight as one of the benefactors of this man’s contributions to country music,” Brooks told the audience. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Randy Travis single-handedly saved country music.”

And Garth Brooks even credited Randy Travis for his own career. According to Brooks, his music wouldn’t have had a place in this world without Travis’s ingenuity.

The new award winner was understandably touched by his presenter’s words. So after the ceremony, Travis jumped on Facebook to tell the world how much Garth Brooks means to him. And Travis’s opening words said it all.

“When my last silent prayer is said,” he captioned. “I’ll thank God for Garth Brooks in my life.”

Randy Travis Sings Praises for Garth Brooks

Randy Travis continued to tell his fans that Garth Brooks is equally as successful and important to country music. Travis refused to believe that his own impact meant more to the industry than his friend’s.

“Our lives are like a mountain range — each a separate mountain, a different elevation, a different climb to the top, with different views — but it takes them all to make a range. The higher you go, the more you see, the greater the rush, the harder the fall. I’ve had my share of it all.”

But then, the humble singer changed his tune and said that Brooks deserves the most credit of all. And Travis also feels blessed that he had Garth Brooks “cheering” for him as he rose to greatness.

“Now, I have the chance to glance back on ones that made my climb better, easier, and more worthwhile. Garth Brooks came along right behind me and kept cheering me on as he climbed his own ‘taller’ mountain!” he wrote. “I’m so glad one was near the other. I’m on the other side of my mountain, so we don’t see each other as much; but, never a day goes by that I doubt Garth is still there for me — telling the world now, what he told me back then. It took us all to get us where we are — to see what we saw, and do what we did — and what a beautiful range we made!”

Randy Travis finished his personal tribute by thanking Garth Brooks for being a true friend, fan, and supporter throughout his life.

“I may have helped bring our genre back to life,” Travis Added. “But you taught it how to live! God bless you and Trisha Yearwood, always, as y’all have blessed multitudes, daily. I love ya’, Brother.”