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Randy Travis Visits His Mural in NC Hometown for the First Time, and It Is the Coolest Mural of All-Time

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Country music legend, Randy Travis has had a lot of tributes in the past. However, the mural in his hometown might be the coolest. Travis recently visited the mural and the pictures are absolutely awesome. He looks in good spirits and health.

Originally from Marshville, North Carolina, Travis went back home for a bit. The town was hosting the Randy Travis Music Festival. His family was able to attend with him along with some friends. It made for a great get-together by the looks of the photos. Even his brother and sister, Ricky and Rose were in attendance.

“Went home to Marshville for the Randy Travis Music Festival with family + friends,” the post read. “Rose and Ricky were there! #familytime #northcarolina #siblings #noplacelikehome.”

Randy Travis is one of the most beloved figures in country music. Since his stroke in 2013, he has only become a more inspiring figure than he was before. The mural in his hometown is a great tribute to Marshville’s native son. That jawline, those eyes, the hair…just all iconic and all on full display in the mural.

During the festival, there was tons of great food, live music, and good vibes. It looked like a classic small-town festival. Just a great way to honor Travis and get the community together for a good time. It’s just nice to see the country star smiling and having fun.

Randy Travis Debuted Previously Unreleased Song

Back in August, Randy Travis debuted a new song. Well, it wasn’t new but it was previously unreleased. That track, Ain’t No Use, is a love song. The country crooner has a way to bring the emotion and passion of a love song without making it cliche. Basically, the song is about letting go and getting on with life.

It ain’t no use / To talk about it / Looks like I’ll just learn / To get along without it / Girl, you turn your head and I have to shout it / Ain’t no use to talk to you about love.”

With plenty of classic country sound, the track is sure to please longtime fans of the country artist. It is rare to hear new music from Travis. What a blessing it is when something like this comes out. Get this, the song is 35 years old. That’s why it sounds like such a classic country song is because it is.

Written with John Lindley and Kyle Lehning along with Randy Travis in 1986, the song has proven to be timeless. The song is just another great hit in a long line of great hits from the country music star. Although it is coming out 35 years later than likely scheduled, we can’t complain when a hot new song drops in our laps. Listen to that track here.