Randy Travis’ Wife Reveals ‘Reason People Loved’ Her Husband’s Timeless Music

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Outback Concerts)

When Randy Travis finally broke through into country music, he had been trying his hardest to get noticed for a decade. A young, talented guy from North Carolina couldn’t get a look in Nashville. When he finally did, he took the genre by storm.

There is so much about the country music star that fans took to. His background, his voice, and the fact that he was a bit of an underdog at one point. The country world was shaken when Travis suffered a stroke in 2013, limiting his speech. His story is truly a country music story.

Mary Travis, his wife, spoke with People about why people love her husband’s music.

“The whole industry was inspired because here was a kid from North Carolina with an interesting past who showed up in Nashville and for 10 years knocked on doors and was turned down,” she explained.

Although he was just 27-years old when his debut album, Storms of Life, came out on Warner Bros. Records, he had tried making a music career for many years before that. That album would go on to sell 4 million copies, 3x platinum in the United States, and topped the US Country charts while topping out at 85 against all genres.

“Then all of a sudden,” Mary Travis continued. “Everything aligned at the right time and they turned him up on the radio for the next 35 years. His voice and music resonated. The reason people loved Randy Travis is because he left a little piece of himself in every one of his songs. Whatever it was you were going through in life, he had a song for you. He made it believable.”

That makes you think back to your own favorite Randy Travis songs and what they mean to you.

Randy Travis to Receive Lifetime Award from CMT

Folks still love and appreciate Randy Travis and his music, of course. Soon, he is going to receive the “Artist of a Lifetime” Award from CMT. This is an award that goes to the biggest legends in the genre. There have been so many great names honored with the award.

Reba McEntire, Loretta Lynn, Shania Twain, Kenny Rogers, and Merle Haggard are all recipients of the award. Now, Randy Travis will be among those names. As he should be. He pioneered an entire generation of country music and inspired the future generations after him. The impact of his career will never be measured.

Travis had his own thoughts on the honor.

“To think you receive a Lifetime Achievement award and for sharing your heart with the world through music is really beyond words of gratitude,” the country legend said. “CMT has been so good to me throughout my career and I’m happy they believe I gave something in return.” Wonderful words from a wonderful and deserving person.