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Rascal Flatts Reveal The Reason Why They Don’t Talk Politics

by Jacklyn Krol
Scott Legato, Getty Images

Rascal Flatts have kept their political beliefs private. The group revealed the reason why they don’t talk about politics publicly.

What Rascal Flatts Had to Say

Fans that keep up with the band, know that they have never been outspoken about politics. The group explained that they made the decision to now speak about politics, together. “I feel like people would rather hear what my thoughts and opinions are on music and they’d rather hear me do that,” lead singer Gary LeVox explained in an interview with Big Machine. “So I have always kind of kept it on that level and made it about what I do for a living, you know.”

Jay DeMarcus agreed with his bandmate. “I have my own personal beliefs that I keep in the privacy of my own home with my family and I share with my guys,” he said. “But we certainly don’t use our platform to try to influence people politically, because I feel like you’re alienating half of your fanbase no matter which way you go.”

Post-Band Plans

Each member will continue to work in music in different ways. “Well, I think there’s no doubt that we’ll all be doing some type of something in music because we all just… that’s our passion, it’s what we love,” Joe Don Rooney said in a recent interview.

Don Rooney shared that he will be focusing on songwriting and honing his craft. Even while touring, he has written countless songs for the band and other artists and projects.

DeMarcus opened a Christian record label, Red Street Records, two years ago. He will be focusing on his label duties and launching other artists’ careers, like Jason Crabb.

Meanwhile, LeVox will be pursuing a solo career. In the meantime, he has been doing goat yoga and working on his new farm.