Ray Fulcher Nails Eric Church Costume Prank on Luke Combs During Concert: VIDEO

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for St. Jude)

Country music fans are in for a shocking prank by country music star Ray Fulcher. He pulled a epic joke on Luke Combs to end the tour, and the “Beer Never Broke My Heart” singer was loving it.

Luke Combs is having a great year. From being named “Entertainer of the Year” to throwing concerts with Fulcher. Being that he’s had a successful year, it’s important to have some fun along the way. And not just be serious the entire time.

As you all know concerts are returning and musicians are reuniting with each other out on the road. They share good laughs, make memories and long-lasting friendships. But most importantly, they have fun with each other.

Ray Fulcher’s Prank on Luke Combs

During the fall tour, Ray Fulcher and Ashley McBryde opened up for Luke. As for the prank, Fulcher came on stage looking like Eric Church to sing the song, Does To Me. The audience nearly thought it was actually Eric because of the sunglasses, outfit, and hair done just right.

Most of you know that Church wears sunglasses at almost every performance. But do you know the real reason why? This style was established on the cover of his Chief album. Since then he started wearing sunglasses on stage. People also think he started this trend because his contact lenses were drying out. But you know he rocks the look.

According to soundslikenashville.com, he said his contacts would fall out on stage. This resulted in him being nearly blind for the rest of his show. And then the hat idea came from wanting to stop the sweat. Then one day he noticed that the audience was wearing hats and sunglasses, so the new look had to stay. And it’s now something he can’t change even if he wanted to.

Meanwhile, Combs was enjoying every single minute of Fulcher’s stunt, or should I say “Eric’s stunt.”

Background on ‘Does to Me’

Does to Me was written by the man himself Luke Combs, Ray Fulcher, and Tyler Reeve, a rising county artist. The song quickly rose to the top of the country charts and he celebrated his eighth number one hit.

This song is featured on his second studio album, What You See Is What You Get. Luke Combs also performs the song acoustically, which sounds amazing.

“I wrote that song a couple years ago. Up until I started doing music, I hadn’t really done much in my life that people would think is really cool or really great,” he told The Boot.

All in all, Church had the brilliant idea for this masterpiece. And little did they know it would be a popular hit.