Reba McEntire Addresses Her Upcoming Tour Dates, Wants to Stay ‘Smart’ But is ‘Ready to Go’

by Samantha Whidden

If you’re wondering whether or not you’ll be able to see Reba McEntire in 2021, the country legend now has an answer for you.

“As far as I know, I’m ready to go,” Reba McEntire declares during her recent interview with Variety. She says that her band and crew are also ready to go but they’ve got to stay smart. She and her crew are also vaccinated because they want to get back to work. 

“March the 1st a year ago was the last time I got to be in from to fa crowd and audience. Except for doing the Grand Ole Opry,” Reba McEntire recalls. “But as for a tour, we were down at the Strawberry Festival in Florida. And that’s the last time we were to play together in front of a live audience.” 

Reba McEntire also stated that she’s hoping that her crew will be able to go to Durant, Oklahoma the Saturday after Thanksgiving and then back to Las Vegas with Brooks & Dunn. “We’re doing nine shows in 15 days at Caesars. I’m hoping that all works out because we’re ready to go.”

Reba McEntire Opens Up on Recovery

While also chatting with Variety, Reba McEntire shares how she is recovering from COVID-19.

“I feel great. I got it in July, around the 17th, and I had been vaccinated. And thank God, because I only was laying on the couch for two or three days, maybe four.” 

Reba McEntire also says she felt like she had a sinus infection. But she wasn’t down for the count and in the hospital. “I just laid around and watched all my favorite shows on Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu,” she says. The country superstar further recalls her reaction to losing her sense of smell. 

“I was kind of like, ‘Wait a minute, maybe I have COVID. The Delta variant.’ So I tested and sure enough, I did,” Reba proclaims. She also says that she knows with a lot of people, their family members have died from the virus. So she decided to send a heartfelt message on TikTok to say please get vaccinated and wear masks. 

Luckily for Reba, she didn’t lose her sense of smell. “I’m a foodie. Oh, I love to eat. And I didn’t [lose my sense of taste] – maybe a touch, a little bit. Things are not as vibrant taste-wise. But boy, smell…”

She also says when she couldn’t smell her French bulldog, who has little folds in his nose that get smelly, she knew she lost her sense of smell. “And so I couldn’t even smell that. And I said, ‘Oh, I know I’ve lost my sense of smell,’” Reba jokingly stated.