Reba McEntire Asked What Her Favorite Scripture or Quote Is and Her Answer is Incredible

by Quentin Blount

Do you have a favorite scripture or a go-to Bible verse? Country music star Reba McEntire most definitely does and last week she let everyone on social media know about it.

On the same day she released her new box set, Revised Remixed Remastered, the beloved country superstar took to Twitter to share her favorite Bible verse with fans. And trust us when we say, it’s a classic. Just like so many of her awesome songs.

Now, Reba McEntire has always made an effort to engage with her followers on social media. And that’s exactly how we found out what her favorite scripture is. Back on Friday, McEntire answered a question from a Twitter user named Katie in a special video.

“Well, Katie wanted to know if I had a favorite scripture,” McEntire says in response. “And my favorite scripture is the Golden Rule. Treat people like you want to be treated. And I think that if we all did that, this world would be in a much better place.”

In closing, the country star offered up some more advice in the form of a Robin Williams quote. And who better to quote when trying to inspire others to be kind?

“Robin Williams said one time, ‘Don’t judge people,'” McEntire explained. “‘You never know what they are going through that day. So be kind. Be nice.'”

Reba McEntire Fans Appreciate Her Wise Advice

There are so many people in the world who look up to celebrities as their role models. You may very well be one of them. But there is no denying that some people use their platform and their popularity for better causes than others. It seems like Reba McEntire is always speaking out about treating others kindly and doing things to make the world a better place.

So, naturally, country music fans came out in full force on social media to thank Reba McEntire for her wise advice. It always seems to come at the perfect.

“I needed to hear that today,” one person replied. “Thank you!”

“Words to live by!” another fan said. “Thanks, Reba!”

And one follower especially loved the part in McEntire’s answer about Robin Williams.

“I’d agree! Robin Williams was the best! Will always love him.”

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that she has preached about treating others how we want to be treated. As a matter of fact, McEntire has a long history of preaching the Golden Rule. She even brought it up at the Grammy Awards in 2018.

As you can see, McEntire continues to make a career out of spreading happiness and positivity. We’ll be following along right here on Outsider to see what she does next.