Reba McEntire Celebrates Easter Weekend With Some of Her ‘Favorite’ Inspirational Songs

by Katie Maloney

Reba McEntire has the perfect playlist to help you celebrate with your family during Easter dinner.

You can spend Easter with Reba McEntire! Well, kind of. You can feel as if you’re having dinner with the country music star by adding her favorite Easter tunes to your dinner playlist. Reba recently shared a link to her Easter weekend playlist. Along with the link, Reba wrote, “Celebrate #EasterWeekend with a collection of some of my favorite inspirational songs!”

The playlist includes songs from her 2016 gospel album, Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope. The playlist includes “Somebody Up There Loves Me,” “How Great Thou,” and “Sky Full Of Angels.” Feel free to add the songs to your pre-existing Easter weekend playlist.

Reba Doesn’t Know If One Of Her Favorite Songs From Her Album Is Actually A Gospel Song

Reba has always found ways to expand on her country music career. She’s starred on television shows and movies. She brought her talents to Broadway. And as mentioned above, she released a gospel album in 2016. The double album featured 10 classic hymns and 10 brand-new songs.

“One album has 10 hymns on it, songs that I grew up singing all my life,” said Reba on Facebook in 2016. “And the other one is 10 brand-new songs. It’s a joint partnership with Nash Icon and Capitol Christian. I was thrilled to death to get to do a gospel album, I’ve been wanting to do one forever.”

During an interview in 2017, Reba said that her faith got her through many challenging times in her life. For this reason, she gets emotional every time she sings the songs from her album.

“When I sing these songs, it chokes me up,” said Reba. “I get very emotional because it’s healing and it’s very inspirational and it gives me hope because of the faith. I just don’t know what I’d do without it.”

However, there’s one song on the album that, during a video promoting the album in 2017, Reba said she wasn’t sure is actually a gospel song.

“‘Hallelujah, Amen’ is a song I didn’t know for sure if it was a gospel song,” said Reba. “But it’s a song that talks about when things happen and you really think it may be the worst thing in the world. But after you think about it, that was a true blessing. Hallelujah, Amen. I love this song. I love the minors, the chords, everything about it.”

Reba’s Hallelujah, Amen.