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Reba McEntire Celebrates National Pet Day By Bringing Dog into Work

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Today is national pet day! To celebrate, Reba McEntire took a photo of an adorable french bulldog in the recording studio. She said in the caption that the holiday feels like “take your pet to work day.” It’s not clear what exactly the adorable dog’s name is, but many speculate he may be McEntire’s or her boyfriend’s.

National pet day has been a hit amongst other country stars as well. Dolly Parton, a Country icon and friend of McEntire, posted a photo with her own french bulldog, Billie the Kid. Billie the Kid has his own Instagram account as well. Dolly Parton recently wished McEntire a happy birthday, too, posting an old photo of the two of them.

National pet day is a time for all to celebrate their furry friends. It was founded in 2006 to bring awareness to the importance of animals in many people’s lives. Animal advocates also made the day to bring awareness to animals still in shelters, looking for homes. Parton and McEntire are just two of the many celebrities who participate in national pet day.

What’s Reba McEntire Up To?

It looks like McEntire has been in the studio a lot recently. A post she made yesterday, April 11th, teases that she’s “working on something fun” and that people should “stay tuned.” Nobody knows exactly what she’s up to, but it’s clear that fans can expect more from her soon. In the post, she’s singing one of her first hits, “Can’t Even Get The Blues.”

Aside from teasing something new and exciting, Reba McEntire has been keeping busy these days. On March 14th, she released a touching music video dedicated to her mother, who passed away last year. The video includes old photos and a touching message about love, loss, and perseverance.

She’s also been doing a lot of recording outside of her mystery project. She recently released a song for Four Good Days, an upcoming movie starring Glenn Close and Mila Kunis’s, written by Diane Warren. McEntire described the film as “moving and powerful” and tweeted that she’s “so proud to be associated with these three very powerful women!” On top of recording for Four Good Days, McEntire collaborated with Loretta Lynn and Carrie Underwood for Lynn’s song, “Still Woman Enough.”

No Matter What McEntire has planned, her fans are excited if her Instagram comments are anything to go by. Reba McEntire has been performing and recording since the 70s, and thankfully, it doesn’t look like she has any plans to slow down.