Reba McEntire Celebrates Wrap on First Season of Her Podcast

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Spotify

Fit for the holiday season, Reba McEntire is calling a wrap on the very first season of her podcast.

The podcast, “Living & Learning with Reba McEntire” had 12 different episodes and first premiered on September 21.

Alongside her for the podcast was her friend Melissa Peterman. She is most known for her role alongside McEntire in “Reba” and “Baby Daddy.”

The show has had a number of guests from Leslie Jordan to Dolly Parton to Jane Fonda to Kristin Chenoweth to Thomas Rhett and his wife.

Remembering All The Guests

With Dolly Parton the duo discussed Parton’s five tips on life.

One is to stay true to yourself, another is to never ignore your roots (or your hair). Another is a loose tongue will lead to broken teeth. Regarding her faith, she said that “prayer is not a public affair” and rather people should “come as they are.”

McEntire and Peterman share that the episode “Forging Your Own Path” with Parton was their favorite to record. It was also a fan-favorite as Parton’s iconic attitude and sense of humor carried the episode.

Another guest on the show was Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins. They discuss raising their three daughters and the process of adopting their very first.

It was also an enlightening moment for fans of Rhett to learn just how many times he’s watched the movie “Frozen,” let his adorable daughters paint his nails, and his strictness when it comes to keeping a schedule. This was all on their episode called “Parenting” which also featured author Glennon Doyle.

On “Aging” with Jane Fonda, she discussed getting older with grace and joy.

“When I got past 65 I realized that nothing brought me down as much … after 50 people have less anxiety and less hostility,” Fonda said on the show.

The duo also had an enlightening experience with Karamo Brown from Netflix’s “Queer Eye” about forgiving people and moving on from mistakes. Brown’s role in the Netflix show is to help the participants create a change within themselves.

Looking Forward

Their last episode “Looking Back, Looking Forward” goes over each episode and each guest. They pick out the key quotes and memories they remember the most. If you’re crunched on time, the final episode is a great recap of all the best moments the first season had to offer. It’s only a little over an hour.

At the end they discuss their plans for the upcoming year as well as the holiday season.

To listen to the last episode of the podcast, click here.