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Reba McEntire Detailed Her Father’s Reaction to First Time She Wore a ‘Pretty Bare’ Dress

by Charles Craighill
(Photo: Evan Agostini / ImageDirect/Getty Images)

Every father knows how it feels to see their daughter in, let’s just say, revealing clothes. they have all had the “you are not wearing that” conversation. Reba McEntire remembers that moment well with her father.

However, McEntire was not going out on a date, she was performing at an Awards Ceremony on national television.

When talking to CBS This Morning in 2019, Reba McEntire recalled that night in which she wore a revealing dress.

“Well, Sandy Spika made it for me,” McEntire said. “She had netting right here on my chest and I looked down and said, ‘whoa, that’s pretty bare’ and she said, ‘oh I’m gonna fill that in with sequins and stuff.'”

Well, those ‘sequins and stuff’ didn’t quite cover up enough for Reba McEntire’s father. As most fathers would, Mr. McEntire made sure to comment.

“We finish singing the song and daddy looks at me and said ‘Reba, did you have that dress on backward?’ I’m like ‘why?’ and mama said, ‘It was low. It’s the lowest thing I’ve ever seen you wear.”

It’s All Love in Reba McEntire’s Family

Despite the concern with her dress, Reba McEntire’s parents still supported her unconditionally throughout her career. In fact, McEntire released a heartfelt music video dedicated to her mother for her constant support.

Her mother passed away one year ago yesterday, however, Reba McEntire was able to release the song “You Never Gave Up On Me” before her death. Needless to say, she loved the song.

Yesterday, on the year anniversary of her death, Reba released the emotional music video for the song. The video opens with McEntire’s 1984 acceptance speech for Female Vocalist of the Year.

“The first time me and Mama came to Nashville, she told me, she said, ‘Reba, I couldn’t do this, so I’m living my life and my dreams through you,’” said Reba. “This is for me and Mama, and we thank you.”