Reba McEntire Drops New Photo with Her Horses Cause ‘They Got Their Feelings Hurt’

by Madison Miller

Reba McEntire’s horses had their feelings hurt. Social media can be so hard.

In a new Instagram picture, the country star is now posing with her three horses in order to make them feel special. Earlier this week she posted a picture of her boyfriend Rex Linn and Poncho the donkey.

She captioned the photo, “Well, the boys heard about the picture of Rex and me with Poncho. They got their feelings hurt. So here’s a picture of me and the boys…. Don’t tell Lefty.”

Reba McEntire’s photo with Poncho had a similar caption, although that time she was saying that Poncho was jealous of Mr. Pecker. That is the name of their chicken. She also hoped that Lefty wouldn’t find out that time around.

Really, it’s a matter of time before the news spreads to Lefty and another animal gets its feelings hurt. This means another post by McEntire, too.

Reba McEntire Former Estate

Reba McEntire is well-known for her beloved collection of farm animals. In fact, the former mansion that she lived in with her ex-husband, Narvel Blackstock, showcased her country living lifestyle.

She lived in a 13,000-square-foot home called Starstruck Farms in Lebanon, Tennessee, which is right outside of Nashville.

After her marriage ended in 2015, the estate was listed for $7.9 million and then sold for $5 million in 2017, according to Taste of Country.

The property included seven bedrooms and bathrooms, an eight-car garage, a barn with five stalls, a pool, tennis court, guest house, hot tub, spa, elevator, and a full equestrian facility for her jealous horses.

Deron Lichte, a businessman in Nashville, bought the property. For those who are a fan of McEntire, he was a good person to buy it. Now it’s called Estate at Cherokee Dock. The estate has tributes in the bedrooms to Reba McEntire, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, Loretta Lynn, and Dolly Parton.

Instead of housing a country music icon, it now houses tributes to several. It continues, along with McEntire’s fun social media posts, to be a reminder of just how much she loves her country lifestyle.