Reba McEntire Explained She Didn’t Want to ‘Preach’ for 2017 Christian Album

by Keeli Parkey

In early 2017, country music superstar Reba McEntire released a gospel album. The title of that album was “Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope.”

In 2018, the singer talked about how she hoped that album was received during an interview with The Saturday Evening Post. During the interview, McEntire was asked if she worried that releasing an album where she openly proclaimed her faith would “seem like preaching.”

McEntire said she wasn’t worried about that at all. In fact, she approached the release of the album with advice from her grandmother in mind.

“I know what you mean, but my grandma always taught by example,” the singer said. “I’m not out to teach or preach; I’m just showing everybody that I’m happy the way I am because of my faith. It’s a relief to me that God is always taking care of me, always helped me through the hard times, and is always there with me in the great times.”

Reba McEntire Said Music, Entertainment ‘Way to Deliver a Little Message to Folks’

In fact, Reba McEntire said she felt that music is a great way to share a message with others. Plus, one can do so without being too forward with it.

And, the country icon has seen firsthand how her music has touched the lives of others.

“Music and entertainment seem to be a way to deliver a little message to folks without beating them over the head and preaching to them. It’s very subtle, but it hits the heart,” McEntire said. “I’m looking in people’s faces when I’m performing, and I know when a song is really touching their hearts. Hopefully, they feel like I am singing it to them. It makes me feel real good that they felt that they got that connection.”

Singer Said Music ‘Helped’ Her Throughout Her Life

While she has wanted her music to be an asset to others, music has also been an asset to Reba McEntire. And, this doesn’t just have to do with the fame and fortune it has brought her.

“Music has helped me in so many different ways. After I lost seven of my band members and my tour manager in a plane crash in ’91, we went to the studio and started recording songs,” McEntire said during the interview. “Leland Sklar, the bass player, said, ‘Reba, are we going to record any happy songs on this album?’ I replied, ‘Not on this one,’ because it was helping me heal my heart. …”

Music has also helped Reba McEntire move forward from other sad times in her life. She also shared details about this in her 2018 interview.

“It’s true about my divorce, too. The world doesn’t stop for a broken heart, and that’s the truth,” she also said. “You’ve got to go on, but you’ve got to express your pain, and the way I did it was through my music. The songs I choose, 99 percent of them, are about heartache, and that’s what makes country music so popular. It’s relatable. When a person is sad, they don’t listen to happy songs. I guess misery loves company.”