Reba McEntire Explains How ‘I’m a Survivor’ Became a Huge TikTok Hit: ‘A Resurgence’

by Shelby Scott

Reba McEntire is a country music legend. In a recent TikTok trend, her hit song “I’m a Survivor” has seen a major resurgence in a contemporary setting. Her song lyricizes some pretty heavy topics a.k.a., “A single mom who works too hard/Who loves her kids and never stops/With gentle hands and the heart of a fighter/I’m a survivor.”

Nevertheless, when TikTok users adapted the song to contemporary, even trivial, chores, the song saw a major jump in popularity.

During an exclusive with Variety, Reba shared her thoughts on the popular TikTok trend. She also talked about how she and her husband hopped on the TikTok trend soon after. “Somebody started it, just doing things at home and looking at the camera and singing: ‘I’m a Survivor.’ It just started out so simple and it’s really caught on.”

If you’re on TikTok, then there’s a good chance you’ve seen other users participating in the viral trend. However, if you haven’t seen the iconic Reba McEntire interpretation of the trend, be sure to check it out here.

Reba Survived Her Temperamental Donkeys’ Sass

Reba and her team kept watching the videos popping up across the popular social media platform. Eventually one of her project managers, Justin McIntosh, suggested Reba do her own version. “What would really be fun is if you did a TikTok singing ‘I’m a Survivor.'” And so, to the farm chores, she turned.

“So I was out on the farm,” Reba began, “and Rex Linn, my boyfriend, had the idea of getting the donkeys involved — Pancho and Lefty.”

The star detailed how Linn held the camera for her during the animals’ feeding time. “When I set the buckets down and the handles clicked, it kind of scared the donkeys, so they turned their butts to me.” Always the most appreciative of hooved companions.

Reba continued, “And I looked at the camera, and I said, ‘I’m a Survivor” — you know, like “what I have to put up with.” The video itself is hysterical and because animals are so unpredictable, their inclusion in the TikTok only increases its likeability. According to the star, the video got over 18 million clicks. “[It] kind of gave ‘I’m a Survivor’ a resurgence,” Reba said.

Reba McEntire Will Release a Redone Album This Fall Featuring a Host of Classics

The country star is no stranger to viral TikTok trends which makes her even more remarkable than she already is. Additionally, this October will see the release of her new triple album entitled, Revived Remixed Revisited. According to Variety, the mega-set will feature a plethora of songs from across her decades-long career.

Each of the three words in the album title indicates a different track in the set. The outlet said “Revisited” features her and a small band where her songs are simplified to their most iconic pieces. The “Revived” track has Reba performing live with her band. And “Remixed” is exactly how it sounds. The singer had classic songs redone by contemporary writers and will feature some of today’s modern musical elements.

Additionally, the mega-album sees the country legend performing with country music icon Dolly Parton. Overall, the album is shaping up to be a major hit with Reba fans old and new.