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Reba McEntire Explains Why Fans Don’t Want to Hear ‘the New Single’ Instead of Her Classic Hits

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Mickey Bernal/WireImage)

When you buy a ticket to see one of your favorite artists, you often wonder if they will perform some of their classic hit songs when you see them live. Well, fans of Reba McEntire who plan to see her in concert in the near future should be able to rest easy.

The 66-year-old country music star recently said that she knows that her fans want to see – and hear – her perform her biggest hits live., as opposed to her latest song. She talked about this during an August 2021 interview with Variety.

She talked about this during the interview after being asked: “You’ve had a lot of greatest hits packages over the years. Is it important to you to still keep the catalog alive in an interesting way?”

Reba McEntire started her response with a simple statement: “It is.”She then went on to explain her understanding of how her fans want to watch her perform her hit songs live and in person.

“When you go to a concert, what do you want to hear, the new single or the one that made ‘em famous? The one that made ‘em famous,” McEntire also said.

Reba McEntire Said Fans Wish to Hear ‘Something Relatable’ and a Song to ‘Sing Along With’ During a Live Show

The “Fancy” and “I’m a Survivor” singer then said that concertgoers want to hear songs that they love and that they can get into during the concert.

“You want something relatable, something that you can sing along with, something that you’re familiar with and you elbow your friend — you stand up and you start singing along with ’em to the top of your lungs,” Reba McEntire said of how fans react to hearing her most popular songs live and in concert.

The country music icon also talked about how concertgoers react when a performer decides to sing a song that isn’t part of their, let’s say, greatest hits canon. She said some fans will stay and watch her perform the lesser-known song, while others decide to take a break from the show.

“And then the new single comes on, and out of respect, you sit there nicely and listen,” Reba McEntire also said. “And if by chance you’ve had a couple of beers or something, you get up and go to the bathroom during that time.”

From McEntire’s perspective, her decision to perform her biggest hits during her live shows helps them remember when how that song came into their lives and – or – when they heard her sing it live for the first time.

But I think it’s very important to keep the songs of mine that my fans grew up on (alive),” Reba McEntire also said. “My fans are very loyal, very sweet to me, and I think they’re going to enjoy this three-album package where they can sit down and say, ‘Oh, I remember when Reba sang that in Omaha.'”