Reba McEntire’s Grandchildren Would Ask Her to See if Taylor Swift Would Be Their Babysitter

by Quentin Blount

To all of the country music fans in the world, Reba McEntire is a legend. But to McEntire’s grandchildren, she’s simply grandma. It’s fellow music star Taylor Swift that is their idol.

Sometimes it is hard to look at your parents and grandparents as anything more than just that — parents and grandparents. Even if they are country music royalty. That’s exactly the mindset of Reba McEntire’s grandkids, especially her grandson Mason. The country queen says that they basically worship country-pop star, Taylor Swift.

McEntire explained as much to The Boot in 2008. They asked the country legend if she had any advice for Swift after moving to the same record label as her.

“Enjoy it. It will not last forever,” McEntire said. “I know that it is a lot of work, but she seems to be enjoying it. Every time I see her, she is beaming. So I do not think there is a problem there. She is very grounded.”

Pretty good advice for Taylor Swift coming from a seasoned veteran in the country music industry. As a matter of fact, Reba McEntire is basically the gold standard when it comes to country music. She holds the American Music Award record with 12 Favorite Country Female Artist wins. She also holds the record for most CMA Award nominations for a female artist with 50 and the most ACM Award nominations for a female artist with 47, respectively.

After giving Swift advice, she then took the time to explain just how much her grandkids love the pop star.

“My two grandkids that are two and five years old just absolutely worship her,” McEntire admitted. “Especially my grandson Mason. He said, ‘Do you think you can get Taylor Swift to come over and babysit me?’ Is that not just the sweetest thing?”

Reba McEntire Has Long Been a Fan of Taylor Swift

Let’s not fool ourselves here, it isn’t just Reba McEntire’s grandkids who love Taylor Swift. The 66-year-old country star is a big fan of Swift herself. She told Entertainment Tonight back in a 2015 interview that she is Swift’s biggest fan.

“Let me just tell you that I am Taylor Swift’s biggest fan,” McEntire admitted. “I think she is a great role model. I think she is as smart as a tack. And I think she is absolutely beautiful.”

Reba goes on to say that she believes Swift has the type of talent that can transcend the country music genre.

“She carries herself so well, and always says the right things at the right time,” McEntire gushed. “She is just amazing. Why should country music just keep her to ourselves? She does need to be on all genres of music.”

Pretty big praise from perhaps the most successful female country artist of all time.