Reba McEntire Has Hilarious Chat With Her Donkey in New ‘Fancy Abbey’ Clip

by Amy Myers

Did you know that Reba McEntire starred in not one, but two successful shows? Besides her role on the sitcom Reba, the country icon also starred in her new show, “Fancy Abbey” on Instagram. Yes, it’s just a gag, but we found her short voice-over clip pretty entertaining.

If you didn’t already know, the country legend shares her home with lots of animals. From chickens to horses to donkeys (and one very special human), Reba McEntire has no shortage of friends. The most recent Instagram post featured an animation created out of two photos with her donkey, “Sir Rexford of Donkeyton.” Though we believe his name outside of the show is “Lefty.”

In the clip, McEntire feeds the eager donkey a tomato. In the voiceover, Reba McEntire greets the resident with a hearty, British laugh, not unlike those on Downtown Abbey.

“Would you care for one of my tomatoes,” Reba McEntire asked.

“Well, Lady Tots,” the donkey answered, clearing his throat, “Only if they’re heirlooms.”

The two laughed haughtily at their clever joke.

Despite the ridiculous rendition, the post does reveal just how much Reba McEntire cares for and loves the animals on her property. In fact, the most recent clip is just one of the few that the country star has taken with her furry and feathered friends.

Reba McEntire and Her Beau Snap a Photo with ‘Poncho’

Since Reba McEntire has begun dating CSI: Miami star Rex Linn, the couple has posted a bunch of adorable photos together. In fact, if we didn’t know any better, we’d think that the celebrities were just two teenagers in love. They constantly share photos of their dates together and even gave each other the pet names, Tater Tot and Sugar Tot. Hence McEntire’s name “Lady Tots” in her most recent Instagram post.

The saga of Reba McEntire’s farm animal photos actually began with a snapshot of her and Linn with her beloved rooster, Mr. Pecker, or “Poncho” for short. In the caption, McEntire wrote, “The Tots, Sugar and Tater, have taken up farming. Meet Mr. Pecker.”

Just a few days after the original post, Linn gifted McEntire a new version of the photo. He made the picture into a video in which he exclaimed, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

Though a bit random, it seemed to make McEntire laugh.

Of course, to avoid the other animals getting jealous of Poncho’s stardom, Reba McEntire had to take a photo with them as well. The following month, a bundled-up McEntire posted a photo with her three gorgeous horses as she held a feed bucket.

“Well, the boys heard about the picture of Rex and me with Poncho,” the country star said in the caption. “They got their feelings hurt. So here’s a picture of me and the boys.… Don’t tell Lefty.”

Thankfully, Lefty got his 15 minutes of fame in the most recent episode with Lady Tots.