Reba McEntire Once Lasso’d Matthew McConaughey on Late Night Talk Show Like a Total Pro

by Courtney Blackann

It seems like a bizarre dream sequence. Imagine actor Matthew McConaughey wearing viking horns as country music star Reba McEntire gears up to rope him. Add the legendary Jimmy Buffet playing a trombone in the background. Feel a bit too surreal?

In fact, the incident actually happened. In a hilarious appearance on James Cordon’s “The Late Late Show,” the three southern stars found themselves playing a round of “Yay or Nay.” The point of the game was to reveal their hidden talents. As if the three aren’t talented enough between their country music and acting accolades.

When McEntire was asked if she could rope a steer, she jumped at the opportunity. Before she was selling out stadiums across the nation and redefining 90s country music, the singer competed at several rodeos. Her father is also a bit of a rodeo phenom and he was inducted in the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.

So it’s no wonder that when Reba grabbed the rope and began lassoing it over her head, it looked like she’d been doing it all her life. As for the steer she was roping? Well, that’s where McConaughey came in. Wearing a set of viking horns, the actor playfully kicked his legs like a bucking bull. McEntire swung the rope overhead and got him on the first try.

This all happened after Jimmy Buffett showcased his ability to play the trombone. Because of course he could.

Reba McEntire Happy to be Performing

While the country legend has a storied career in both singing and acting roles, she’s still going strong. Between releasing new music, starring in a upcoming Christmas movie and touring, she hasn’t slowed down one bit.

After the Covid-19 pandemic put a halt to most tours last year, the singer is also thrilled to be able to tour the country again.

“March the 1st a year ago was the last time I got to be in front of a crowd and audience. Except for doing the Grand Ole Opry,” Reba McEntire recalls. “But as for a tour, we were down at the Strawberry Festival in Florida. And that’s the last time we were to play together in front of a live audience.” 

In addition to hitting a few stops in the South and around the country, McEntire expressed her excitement on returning to Vegas to perform with Brooks & Dunn. She shared that they’ll be doing nine shows in 15 days at Caesar’s Palace – and she couldn’t be more excited to get back to it.