Reba McEntire Opens Up About What Singing ‘Dear Rodeo’ Means To Her

by Jennifer Shea

Country star Reba McEntire shared a little bit about how much it means to her to be able to sing “Dear Rodeo” in an interview with Cody Johnson.

McEntire and Johnson performed the duet and made it into a music video that incorporates real footage from Johnson’s bull-riding tenure. 

McEntire and Johnson Duet

“I could’ve done this by myself,” Johnson said. “But I don’t think it would’ve been as impactful.”

“Well, not nearly as much fun!” McEntire chimed in.

She explained that the song resonated with her on a personal level and brought her back to her roots.

“The thing I want to say, Cody, [is] thank you for letting me do this song about rodeo because that’s where I started,” McEntire said. “Getting my break singing the national anthem at the National Finals Rodeo in ’74 in Oklahoma City. And then I’ve gone all the way around and then coming back to country music.”

“I’ve done contemporary, I’ve done country, I’ve done a little bit of bluegrass in my songs, Western swing,” she added. “But to be able to come back, wear my cowboy boots and sing a song about rodeo – thank you for that.”

Staying True to Their Fans

Johnson co-wrote the song with Dan Couch. It’s a sort of love letter to his time as a bull rider. And it’s included on Johnson’s first major-label album Ain’t Nothing To It.

In their conversation, Reba McEntire and Cody Johnson agreed that their respective fan bases keep them honest. 

“The fans are 99% of my career,” McEntire also said. “In the way of support, feedback and the reason I’m out there doing it. God gave me the talent, but if it wasn’t for the fans I’d be at home in the shower singing or washing the dishes singing. But the fans are the ones that have stayed with me through thick and thin, good times, bad times, shallow times.” 

Watch the interview here: