Reba McEntire Opens Up About Boyfriend Rex Linn: ‘Waited 66 Years for a Man to Pray With’

by Shelby Scott

After 66 years of waiting, country music icon, Reba McEntire, claims she’s found her perfect match. In a recent article, she shared her adoration for “CSI: Miami” and “Young Sheldon” actor, Rex Linn.

Linn and McEntire first found each other in October of 2020. However, the coronavirus pandemic made things especially hard to further form a solid relationship. After a year of quarantine, isolation, and abnormality, McEntire shared her happiness in her newfound relationship with Linn in an interview with Classic Country Music.

Through her lyrical artistry and her life experiences, McEntire fans are aware things have not always been easy for her. However, in Linn, she has not only found a partner who cares for her and her happiness. Linn is also apparently as passionate as McEntire about his devotion to his Christian faith.

McEntire and Linn attended the November CMA Awards together and frequently share posts on social media featuring each other. After last year’s chaos, it’s safe to say that Linn and McEntire are off to a good first year committed to their relationship. The artist even shared their pet names for each other: “sugar tot” and “tater tot.”

We are very happy McEntire has finally found the man she’s been meant to be with, despite how we may cringe at their pet names.

2017 Album, ‘Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope’ Demonstrates Reba McEntire’s Devotion to Faith.

In 2017, and what seems like a lifetime ago post-pandemic, McEntire released her first-ever gospel album. The album, “Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope,” won McEntire the Grammy for Best Roots Gospel Album that year. The artist further demonstrated her devotion to faith through the album tracks, Disc 1 containing versions of traditional hymns. The second disc comprises entirely original songs. “Back to God,” is one popular example. The album overall highlights both her artistic talents and her faith.

Later, Reba was featured on her sister Susie’s show, “Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith.” McEntire spent the majority of the show discussing her significant other along with sisters, Susie and Alice. Most importantly, they discussed their dedication to faith. According to the country legend, she finds that Linn is “very special” as his values align with hers. In another 2018 article shared by the Saturday Evening Post, McEntire said, “I’m not out to teach or preach; I’m just showing everybody that I’m happy the way I am because of my faith.”

“I’ve waited 66 years for a man to pray with and to share a faith and love of the Lord,” she said. “(He should) be compassionate and have a compassionate heart.” All of which are incredibly important to the country icon. We are so glad Ms. McEntire has finally found love and faith reflected back at her with Linn.