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Reba McEntire Reportedly ‘Torn’ Over Kelly Clarkson’s Divorce From Brandon Blackstock

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images)

As Kelly Clarkson continues her ongoing divorce from Brandon Blackstock, Reba McEntire has given her thoughts on the contentious split.

Torn over her former stepson’s divorce, McEntire has reportedly felt “heartbroken” as the couple proceeds with separation.

Reba McEntire’s Role in the Divorce Battle

McEntire was married to Blackstock’s father, Narvel Blackstock. They were married from 1989 up until 2013 when Narvel filed for divorce. Before divorcing, McEntire became Clarkson’s stepmother-in-law. Both McEntire and Clarkson are no longer technically related, pending Clarkson’s divorce. Even though they’re no longer a family, McEntire has been vocal about her devastation over the news.

McEntire “refuses to pick sides” since she “loves Brandon and Kelly like her own,” according to a source. As the divorce becomes more controversial, McEntire said she’s “afraid of how contentious it’s getting.”

In June, Clarkson filed for divorce due to irreconcilable differences with Blackstock. Initially, she avoided making a public statement. Now Clarkson is speaking out about the separation’s stress on herself and her children. The former couple is in the midst of a custody battle over their two children.

According to McEntire, she will support Clarkson and Blackstock without playing sides. She still considers herself a grandmother to the former couple’s children. Blackstock and Clarkson are co-parents to River, age six, and Remington, age 4.

Despite feeling broken-hearted, McEntire was very “supportive” of Clarkson and Blackstock’s decision to part ways. Telling a source she “knows it’s hard enough working on your own relationship, but she saw this Kelly and Brandon split coming from a mile away.”

Regardless of McEntire’s concern, she says she “knows better than to intervene” and is “praying” that “this bitter divorce” ends.