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Reba McEntire Rescued from Historical Building After Stairs Collapse in Terrifying Moment

by Kati Michelle
Photo credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for CMA

Reba McEntire is one of America’s most beloved Country stars and entertainers. She’s known for her passion, soul, and overall true grit. After a brief COVID scare back in August, she actually revealed an RSV diagnosis instead. After recuperating and gaining back her health, Reba just encountered one of the most terrifying moments of her life thus far. She needed to be rescued from a historical building after the stairs collapsed in a freak accident. We’ve got all the details for you right here.

Ladder Rescue Called for Reba McEntire and Co

Reba and romantic partner Rex Linn found themselves touring a historic site in Atoka, Oklahoma that TMZ reports as being more than 100 years old. A group joined the couple, and although the building was in the midst of renovations, no one predicted what happened next. The ancient stairs buckled under the group’s weight and completely collapsed as told by Emergency Management Director Travis Mullins. Now, the stairs were scheduled for replacement, but apparently not soon enough.

This left the group stranded on the 2nd floor of the ancient building with no choice but to call in rescue. Crews promptly arrived at the scene with ladders. Reba McEntire and her squad met rescuers at the window. They took turns slowly climbing down the ladder to safety.

The rescue scene was all captured on video, showing the firefighters and paramedics doing what they do best: saving lives. Thankfully, no one came out of the building with severe injuries, although one person did end up at the hospital just out of precaution. All in all, the situation just caused some bumps and bruises, local reporters say. Check it out here:

What’s Next for Reba?

Although Reba McEntire hasn’t commented on the situation herself, she is reportedly doing a-okay. Fans are flocking to Twitter to send their “get well soon’s” and words of affirmation.

Fan @THIScepoin writes a strongly worded message backing the star: “2021, DON’T YOU DARE COME FOR @reba LIKE THIS. I WILL FIGHT AN ENTIRE YEAR. I DON’T CARE”

Reba actually just celebrated a pretty big anniversary the other day. Her 1986 hit “Little Rock” hit number one on the Billboard Country charts almost 4 decades ago. She also used the anniversary to promote her latest remix of the song, which joins a whole smorgasbord of others. Take a look: