Reba McEntire Reveals Complete Track List of Triple Album ‘REVIVED REMIXED REVISITED’

by Keeli Parkey

Get ready Reba McEntire fans! The country music superstar has what promises to be an epic new album on the way!

This week, the “Fancy” singer announced which tracks will be included in her upcoming “REVIVED REMIXED REVISITED” album, according to PopCulture. The new project title gives a pretty clear idea of what it is going to include. It promises to be a retrospective of McEntire’s decades-long career.

The album will consist of three discs. And each of these discs will have its own focus. For example, the “REVIVED” disc will showcase Reba McEntire’s songs that she often performs live in concert. The performances of these songs have been influenced by their many live performances. McEntire’s concert band recorded these songs.

The “REMIXED” disc includes what are – unsurprisingly – remixed versions of some of McEntire’s most famous songs.

The “REVISITED” disc will include songs Reba McEntire has re-recorded with the help of producer Dave Cobb. This disc even includes Dolly Parton joining Reba McEntire in a duet for a new version of the hit song “Does He Love You.”

“We did a new version of it. It turned out really good because I’ve always wanted to sing with her and don’t know why we never did it until now. But we really sounded good together. I think the fans are going to like it,” Dolly Parton said during a recent interview.

Check Out the Track List for Reba McEntire’s New Album

So, which of Reba McEntire’s songs will be part of her upcoming album?

The “REVIVED” disc will include the tracks: “Can’t Even Get The Blues”; “Is There Life Out There”; “The Greatest Man I Never Knew”; “Walk On”; “Whoever’s In New England”; “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia”; “For My Broken Heart”; “Take It Back/Why Haven’t I Heard From You”; “You Lie”; and “Fancy.”

You can check out the new version of “Can’t Even Get The Blues” below.

The “REMIXED” disc will include the songs: “Turn On The Radio – Tracy Young Remix”; “I’m Gonna Take That Mountain – Dave Aude Remix”; “Little Rock – Stonebridge Mix”; “I’m A Survivor – Lafemmebear Remix”; “Does He Love You – Eric Kupper Remix”; “Keep Me Hangin’ On – Love To Infinity Remix”; “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia – Eric Kupper Remix”; “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter – Ralphi Rosario Remix”; “Why Haven’t I Heard From You – Dave Aude Remix”; and “Fancy – Dave Aude Remix.”

Making the “REVISITED” disc are the songs: “The Fear Of Being Alone”; “Consider Me Gone”; “Somebody Should Leave”; “How Blue”; “Does He Love You (with Dolly Parton)”; “One Promise Too Late”; “The Last One To Know”; “New Fool At An Old Game”; “I’m A Survivor”; and “Fancy.”

Also, Reba McEntire’s “REVIVED REMIXED REVISITED” album will be released on Oct. 8. So, mark your calendars!