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Reba McEntire Reveals How ‘Somehow You Do’ Musical Film Came Together

by Jacklyn Krol
John Shearer, Getty Images

Reba McEntire has returned with new music after two years.

“Somehow You Do” was created for the new film, Four Good Days.

The film stars Glenn Close and Mila Kunis and is based on a Washington Post article, titled “How’s Amanda?” The feature went viral after its original publishing in 2016. After several attempts of sobriety, a mother aids her 31-year-old daughter in her heroin addiction. The film opens in select cinemas on April 30 and will later be available through on-demand services.

“Somehow You Do” was written by Diane Warren. This isn’t the first time that Warren wrote for McEntire. She wrote Reba McEntire’s 1997 classic “What If” and “I’ll Be” in 2000. McEntire’s longtime collaborator Tony Brown produced the single.

Jon Avnet directed the epic music video which stars Reba McEntire. The music film cuts back between scenes from the movie and McEntire exploring a Southern California desert.

Reba McEntire’s New Hit

“It’s an honor to get to sing a Diane Warren song anytime,” McEntire said. “But then to be associated with talented actors in a movie like Glenn and Mila is just icing on the cake. Add in Jon Avnet directing the video and it just doesn’t get much better!”

Avnet immediately jumped at the opportunity to work with Reba McEntire. “I hoped to use the film to interpret both the song and the movie Four Good Days.”

Working in the desert could be hot and stressful, but with McEntire, it was a blast.

“It was worth every minute in the desert working with Reba. She’s a pro’s pro and fun to boot!  And of course, this is my second go-around with Diane Warren,” he added. “The first was ‘Because You Loved Me,’ that Celine Dion sang for my film Up Close and Personal. That one worked out well and I think ‘Somehow You Do’ should as well.”

Warren explained that the song is about hope. She explained that a person can get through even the most devastating of times. The inspiring lyrics inspire listeners to look beyond their current tough situation and to look ahead at the future and the other side.

“It is a song about strength of the human spirit and no voice can convey that as much as Reba McEntire,” Warren added. “She makes you feel with every note that you might think you can’t get through it, but somehow you will, and somehow you do.”