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Reba McEntire Says Fans are ’99 Percent of My Career’

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for CMA)

During an intimate conversation with Cody Johnson about their recent duet, “Dear Rodeo,” Reba McEntire opened up about her appreciation for her fans.

“The fans are 99 percent of my career,” said McEntire “…God gave me the talent but if it wasn’t for the fans I would be at home in the shower singing or washing the dishes singing, she continued.”

Reba McEntire Fans Are ‘Diehard’

McEntire said that her fans are the ones who stuck with her since she signed her first recording contract over 45 years ago. Although her self-titled debut album didn’t produce any hits, fans continued to support McEntire through the release of her second album, “Out of a Dream.” The album produced her first Top 30 single, “Last Night, Ev’ry Night,” and her first Top 20 single, “Sweet Dreams.”

“The fans are the ones that have stayed with me during good times, bad times, shallow times, the very beginning when my first record debuted at 99 and stayed there,” she said laughing.

“They were the ones with me from music to broadway to television to movies to my books, then back again to my music. They stayed with me all the way and would comment and advise and say ‘would you do this or could you do this…’ You’re like, ‘Well, that would be a good idea if it would be entertaining to them, why not try it.’”

Hearing this, Cody Johnson added, “A Reba fan is a Reba FAN.”

“Diehard,” McEntire agreed.