Reba McEntire Shares Hilarious Snippet Singing Karaoke on ‘Young Sheldon’

by Quentin Blount

Country music singer Reba McEntire took to social media on Thursday night to share a hilarious video clip of her singing karaoke on Young Sheldon.

Our favorite redhead has been posting how excited she is about her guest appearances on the popular sitcom. Just a couple of weeks ago, McEntire made her return to the show as her character, June.

And if her recent tweets are any indication, we can tell she is having a blast. Just have a look for yourself at the clip she tweeted out earlier tonight. She and fellow actress Annie Potts, who plays “Meemaw” on Young Sheldon, are singing karaoke but in hilarious fashion are not singing very well. Just goes to show that Reba McEntire literally has to try hard to not sing well.

The two are attempting to sing the classic Dolly Parton hit, “Island in the Stream.”

“A redhead and a silver vixen walk into a karaoke bar… #toomuchfun #islandsinthestream #YoungSheldon @anniepotts @YoungSheldon” Reba captions her post.

Fans React to Reba McEntire Karaoke Video

Fans of the country music star obviously took humor in the video as well. They responded in the comments section saying how funny it was to watch Reba McEntire trying not to be able to sing.

Twitter user TrMiDa (@TMDace) said exactly that. She left a message writing, “Of all people trying no to be able to sing. Love it… Now that’s what good acting is! ❤️”

Kathy ❤️ Abbott (@wonelly) left a similar comment in reply to Reba’s video.

“Had to be hard to sing like that,” she wrote. “I’ve heard you sing that song before and it was nothing like that LOL.”

And finally, Bethany Roberts (@broberts430) says that it had to have been hard for Reba to sing so badly.

“How hard was it to sing badly?” she poses to the country singer. “(For me, super easy as I could never carry a tune) But not what I was expecting when THE REBA MCENTIRE opens her mouth!”

It would definitely seem like not only is Reba having fun on the set of Young Sheldon, but her fans are enjoying her performance just as much. And they will get to enjoy more Reba McEntire when she makes an appearance in the reboot of the 1991 film Fried Green Tomatoes.

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