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Watch: Reba McEntire Shares Throwback Cover of John Lennon Classic on His 80th Birthday

by Outsider
(Photo by Christie Goodwin/Redferns via Getty Images)

Country superstar Reba McEntire shared her own tribute to fallen Beatle John Lennon on his 80th birthday. McEntire performed “If I Fell” from The Beatles for a special Stars Sing The Beatles event back in 2000.

McEntire took to social media to share a clip pulled from one of her older performances. Beatles and John Lennon fans alike will find something to like about this heartfelt rendition.

The song is already melancholy as it is. Reba McEntire’s spin on it is especially beautiful. Check out the clip below.

John Lennon was an extremely influential musician. The Beatles as a whole were a major part of music’s growth today. In addition to Reba McEntire, in fact, many country singers have paid tribute to the Fab Four over the years with their music.

Believe it or not, John Lennon was actually friends with the legendary “outlaw” Waylon Jennings. After meeting at the Grammys, the pair became friends and remained that way over the years.

In addition, The Beatles themselves covered a number of country and rockabilly songs. One, in particular, was “Act Naturally,” originally performed by Buck Owens. In fact, many of the band’s singles ended up having something of a country edge that was hard to ignore if you went looking for it. The Beatles were less of a pop band and more of an experimental group in that regard.

Seeing Reba McEntire share the song she prepared to honor The Beatles and John is truly heartwarming, especially since John has been lost. This will likely be just the latest of many tributes to an amazing artist who was gone too soon.