Reba McEntire Shares Video Receiving COVID-19 Test, Thanks Medical Professionals

by Will Shepard

Reba McEntire undergoes the dreaded nose Covid-19 test in a video she posted to TikTok. In the video, she has her nose nicely swabbed by a medical professional.

Although new to TikTok, she is utilizing the site well.

It certainly seems that McEntire does incredibly well in the video as the medic evidently takes great care of her. As seen in the video, the swab isn’t shoved all the way to her brain, but gingerly swabbed around her naval.

This video is from just before the 2020 CMA Awards show. It is certainly clear that the test result was negative as McEntire and Darius Rucker hosted the show.

McEntire captions the video quite fittingly.

“Thanks to all the medical professionals working so hard right now! We had a great team who tested us multiple times for the #CMAawards #covidfree.”

Undoubtedly, the CMAs did everything they could to put together a sound system to test all of the people performing and presenting awards. As we know, the CMAs went off without any hitches.

Reba McEntire and Darius Rucker Host CMA’s

As for the show, McEntire, who is Covid-19 free, had a joke for the audience.

While on stage, the country singer, 65, earned some laughs after she let out a quick cough during the show. She immediately quips, “Not a good time to do that, is it?”

The pair received ample praise for their hosting duties, and people shared their positive thoughts on the pair hosting the show.

Since hosting the show, she is pushing the two’s work together. In an interview on her Spotify podcast, Rucker joins her to talk about the pair hosting the awards. Additionally, this interview takes place before the pair host the CMA’s.

The two have some awesome chemistry together as you can tell during their performance at the show.

As a tribute to Mac Davis, the pair beautifully sing “In The Ghetto” together. The performance showcased both of their incredible singing quite successfully.

Perhaps in the future McEntire and Rucker will produce their own song together.