Reba McEntire Speaks Out After Being Rescued Following Freak Accident in Historic Building

by Madison Miller

Reba McEntire survived a terrifying experience on Tuesday afternoon.

The “I’m a Survivor” singer had to be rescued from a second-story window after the stairs completely collapsed in the building. She was touring an old historic building in downtown Akota at the time.

Reba Responds Regarding Freak Accident

Luckily, local firefighters were quick to the scene. They assisted her in climbing down a ladder and to ground level. Since the incident, McEntire has now let her fans know what happened and that everyone is okay.

“While my team and I were in Atoka, OK yesterday checking out an old historical building, a staircase collapsed. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. We were safely evacuated from the building thanks to the quick response from the Atoka fire and police departments,” Reba McEntire wrote on her Twitter account.

Additionally, fans of the country music star were quick to share their joy over Reba and her team making it out okay. One fan wrote, “Wow! So glad no one was hurt! Please stay safe and be careful!”

According to KXII, the stairwell in the building collapsed from the second to the third story. It then trapped people on whatever floor they were on at the time. Luckily, no one seemed to be on the portion of stairs that collapsed when they did so.

The building they were touring had been there for over 100 years. Another person in the building with Reba McEntire was Coby Scherrill. They shared the moment in which everything started to collapse.

“We were just touring the building and the stairwell was weak it seemed weak but we did not realize how weak it was until several people had gone down it and then we heard the crash and saw the stairs fall,” Scherrill said.

Hint at Upcoming Reba McEntire Project

Fans and Reba herself are glad everything ended safely. However, many fans are also now wondering what project she was working on that brought her to look at old historic houses.

Reba McEntire has teased several upcoming projects. One of which is a triple album boxed set of some of her classics in a new light. It will release on October 8.

She told Variety about her upcoming project. “I was asking that same question, to tell you the truth: How can we make it that different? But you can when you work with somebody like Dave Cobb, who is a genius … And that’s what comes through in the ’Revisited’ part of this music. Dave came in with a very small band of musicians — almost acoustic, but he had a steel guitar added and a fiddle,” Reba McEntire said.

She is also going to be in a brand new series, “Fried Green Tomatoes.” It will air on NBC and Norman Lear is the executive producer. McEntire is also an executive producer as well as the star of the series.