Reba McEntire Spoke on What Keeps Her Grounded Despite Being a Country Icon: ‘Twinkle, Not a Star’

by Keeli Parkey

When some people become famous they forget their roots. Other people never forget where they came from. You can count Reba McEntire as a member of the second category.

According to an interview McEntire gave to The Saturday Evening Post during 2018, there is one family member who helps her keep things in perspective. That family member is her sister.

“People say, ‘How do you stay so grounded?’ I say, ‘Well, my sister calls me a twinkle, not a star,'” McEntire said during the interview.

There’s nothing like family to keep you in your place.

Another factor that helps the iconic country singer stay grounded is that she keeps the right people around her.

“I don’t have yes-people around me,” Reba McEntire told The Saturday Evening Post.

McEntire also said she enjoys collaborating with other people. This is another asset for her.

“I love teamwork. I don’t think anybody is supposed to do everything by themselves,” she said. “It’s lonely, doing it by yourself, even if you can.”

As grounded as she is, Reba McEntire said she still has her “celebrity” moments.

“But I can be a diva, a big-time diva,” she said. “My co-star on my TV show ‘Reba,’ Melissa Peterman, was saying the other day, ‘I love to see Reba when she puts on that red dress and walks out on stage and becomes fancy. She’s just got a strut to her.'”

Having fame – and a strut – is totally acceptable as long as you don’t let it go to your head. And, it appears that Reba McEntire hasn’t let her success go to her head.

Reba McEntire Also Said Her Family Helped Keep Her Grounded After She Became Famous

Reba McEntire shared more about details about how she remained grounded while being famous with The Saturday Evening Post. And, according to the singer, other members of her family played a key role in that. Two of those people were her father and mother.

“First of all, my parents. My mama’s a little spitfire. There are about 50 things that I can hear her saying in my mind, but the number one thing is, ‘I love you gobs and gobs,'” McEntire said. “Daddy was the strict disciplinarian, a hard-working man with little patience. One of the sweetest things he ever said about me was, ‘Reba, when I hear people talking about you or when I hear your voice on the radio, my stomach just goes to pumpkin.’ And the other was, ‘Reba, you sure do work hard.’ From Daddy, that was a huge compliment.”

McEntire’s show, the appropriately titled “Reba,” debuted in 2001. Its television run went on until 2007. In the show, the famous singer plays a single mother. The character has three children and she is raising them in a suburb of Houston.

Reba McEntire has recently returned to television. She has appeared as the character “June” on recent episodes of the sitcom “Young Sheldon,” according to