Reba McEntire Wants Dolly Parton to Play Her in a Biopic: Here’s Why

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for ACM)

There’s been some talk about a Reba McEntire biopic and she knows exactly who she wants to play her, none other than Dolly Parton. While that seems like a strange casting decision, that’s what McEntire expressed in a recent podcast appearance. Of course, both of these women deserve to have their life stories told in film, a musical on Broadway, or another medium.

We all know that Reba and Dolly can act. They both had their own success in TV and film over the years. So, who would be the best to play these Queens of Country?

Why Dolly for Reba Biopic?

  • Reba McEntire named Dolly Parton as her choice to play herself in a hypothetical biopic
  • Dolly has expressed that she wants to play the oldest version of herself if a biopic is made of her own life
  • Reba had her own sitcom and while it was self-titled it wasn’t based on her real life
  • There are no official plans for a biopic about McEntire but that could change

Now it really doesn’t make a lot of sense from a casting standpoint. However, if Reba wants Dolly to play her then that’s what needs to be done. Of course, it will be difficult to get Parton away from her various other projects and responsibilities. She has always been a very busy woman and even at 76 years old she is running around recording music, writing a book, and more.

Reba sat down with the Audacy podcast and talked about her career. She also discussed her performance at the Oscars that is coming up soon. For her, the decision to have Parton play her in the hypothetical situation was simple.

“Dolly Parton,” the singer said without much thought. “She’d be funnier, prettier, sassier and everything more than me, so I think that’d be a hoot.”

If that’s who Reba wants then that’s who Reba should get. Don’t argue with her now.

Reba Drops New Gospel Album With Some Great Guests

So, Reba McEntire wants Dolly Parton in her biopic, no big deal. The singer-songwriter has been having a career rejuvenation lately. She recorded and put out a three-album release that included remixes, work with Dave Cobb, and more. Now, she has a new gospel record out.

The album is called My Chains Are Gone and it has some of the best gospel tracks out there. There’s one track that features two other heavy hitters in women’s country music. Her version of Softly and Tenderly features Kelly Clarkson along with Trisha Yearwood. Make sure to check it out and the rest of the latest releases in country music this week.

Country music still has a lot of life left in it. If you’ve written it off, then you aren’t paying attention.