Reba McEntire’s Name Misspelled in ‘Barb and Star’ Movie Credits

by Thad Mitchell

As one of the greatest country music artists to ever walk the earth, Reba McEntire often gets the “royal” treatment.

It is with good reason that people treat McEntire as music industry royalty. You won’t find too many artists with the same credentials as the “Queen of Country,” as she is often referred to as. Having sold more than 75 million albums worldwide, she is one of the top-selling artists in any genre of music. Her wide-ranging influence reaches across music genre boundaries as she is one the most highly respected individuals in all of entertainment.

While country music has been and will always be her calling card, McEntire has also dabbled in other entertainment ventures. She has also built a strong resume as an actor and continues to take on challenging roles. She has starred in a hit comedy series (Reba) and has a hit movie (Tremors) to her acting credit as well. Now it looks as if she has another hit movie on her hands.

Reba McEntire Appears in New Hit Comedy Movie

Though she only makes a brief appearance in the film, her latest offering is taking the internet by storm. “Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar” is a comedy film that has the whole world in tears of laughter.

The Queen of Country plays a small role in the movie as “Trish,” described as a water sprite in the movie description. While the singer’s cameo in the movie certainly draws a rise from country music fans, viewers also notice an obvious mistake in the credits.

“Just watched this movie. It’s hilarious,” a Twitter user says after a viewing. “However, they spelt your name wrong in the credits.”

Though it is only off by a single letter, one has to wonder just how the misspelling of a country legend’s name came about. As the credits roll, a ‘Y’ takes the place of the ‘I’ in the singer’s last name. The correct spelling is “McEntire” and not “McEntyre” as listed in the movie’s credits.

It’s an easy mistake that practically anyone could make, and one would assume it will be corrected at some point. McEntire has yet to comment on the issue, though it’s likely she will find humor in the misspelling instead of offense.